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Another day, another anti-Romney article by Glen Johnson

Romney focuses on economy

(AP)- "Republican Mitt Romney sought to lock up the Florida primary by refusing to talk Sunday about little else but the economic jitters... [false representation: refused to talk, jitters] ...Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, lashed top rival John McCain [charged words]... Romney also told a reporter McCain was "lying" before catching himself and saying, "I'm saying he made a dishonest comment. I misspoke."... A C-Span camera crew also caught him saying of McCain "he's lying," before changing his wording and then returning to the reporter who had asked him about McCain's criticism on Saturday. "Make sure you correct that, OK?" Romney said. [why is he reporting Romney's phraseology? McCain lied, as AP even admitted.]"

Polls show McCain and Romney atop the field, with Giuliani and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee lagging. [Actually most polls show Romney ahead.]

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