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AP Glen Johnson's Meltdown over Romney

Johnson has no problem calling Hillary “regal-looking” and “calm in the face of crisis, but totally ignores the lobbyists in her campaign as he reports on Romney's lobbyist advisor. Previous attacks by AP reporter Glen Johnson: Romney patronizing Mormon businesses

"(AP)- Mitt Romney has benefited from the financial support of his fellow Mormons [and the ridiulous evidence of this sweeping assertion is...] When it comes to hotels, the Republican presidential contender has shown a preference for Marriotts. The chain's founder was J. Willard Marriott, a fellow member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When it came time for Romney to fly to New Hampshire from Iowa following the caucuses, his staff decided to charter a JetBlue aircraft. The airline was founded in 1999 by David Neeleman..."

Republicans Jockey in New Hampshire
"[religion baiting] (AP)...Huckabee is a former Southern Baptist minister who openly appealed to evangelicals, while Romney is trying to become the first Mormon elected president. Some evangelicals openly call his Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a cult.
Nearly two-thirds of Huckabee voters also said it was very important that their candidate share their religious beliefs, compared with about one in five of Romney's. [contradicting the previous aricle]"

Romney pledges long campaign

"(AP)...A Mormon, Romney aggressively courted Christian conservatives - some of whom consider Mormons members of a cult - and in doing so brought the issue to the fore in the 2008 campaign. [absolutely false. Romney only defended his religion when it was attacked by the likes of Glen]."

Clinton, Obama dig in for long fight
""(AP)...The candidate trying to become the nation's first Mormon president [more religion baiting] leads in the early competition for national convention delegates, but that is cold comfort for a man who spent millions of his own money in a failed attempt to sweep the early contests and establish himself."
Romney Pledges to Save Southern Economy
"(AP)...Second-place finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire triggered questions about Romney's electability, while a win in between in the Wyoming caucuses was largely greeted with a yawn. [by who, Glen?] In Michigan on Tuesday, Romney was cast as a candidate on the rebound for finally winning a state where he was expected to do well. [actually polls in the weeks before that contest showed McCain ahead] Romney sought to drop his campaign's already-low expectations even further. [again, Glen's dry opinion]"

Analysis: Quick GOP Winner Not Likely
""(AP)- clear front-runner with a burst of momentum has emerged. [actually Romney leads in delegates, votes, and states won.]... the Michigan native son said at a rollicking victory party. [rollicking?]``They're worrying, because they realize - the lobbyists and the politicians realize - that America now understands that Washington is broken, and we're going to do something about it.'' That may be, but the early results more clearly show that no one has gained a decisive edge in the campaign."

AP Interview: Romney proclaims win a "victory of optimism"
""(AP)...Romney also played a sentimental card, traveling to Lansing to pose beneath the portrait of his father, George Romney..." [italics mine]"

Romney makes final Michigan Push
""(AP)...Alternately promising and pleading, Republican Mitt Romney on Monday asked Michigan residents to vote for him in a primary election that could either rejuvenate or mortally wound his presidential campaign. [Romney already had more delegates to begin with, and "promising and pleading" just sounds pathetic.]""

Small crowd greets Romney in Michigan
""[Images show that Huckabee and McCain were greeted by even smaller crowds, but Glen doesn't mention them in this non-news story.]"

Analysis: Romney focuses on Michigan
""(AP)- A week ago, Mitt Romney had a grand vision of a 50-state election strategy that would catapult him from Iowa and New Hampshire across the nation and on to the Republican presidential nomination. [funny I never heard of such a strategy from Romney's mouth] Now, he's adopted a survivor's stance, hoping to win in just one place, Michigan, and then carry on with a campaign far more practical in scope. [actually Romney already won Wyoming and was leading in delegates and total votes.]"

Romney Tries to Rebound on Record
""(AP)...The guy [guy?]who once boasted of having few fans at the National Rifle Association started touting his gun rights views. [a quote for that perhaps?] And the man who, in 1994, bragged he would be a better champion of gay rights than Sen. Edward M. Kennedy cast himself as a guardian at the gate when the Supreme Judicial Court mandated in 2003 that Massachusetts become the first state to allow gay marriage." [Glen is assuming that gay marriage is a gay right that Romney meant to be a champion of, which was never the case. It wasn't an issue in that race.]

Romney says He's a Candidate of Change
""(AP)...While Romney has cast himself as a political outsider throughout his campaign, the theme has been overshadowed by his aggressive courting of social and fiscal conservatives. [like... how?] That, in turn, has triggered questions about his authenticity amid a flip-flop on abortion rights and a change in emphasis on his views about gay rights, tax policy and other issues important to conservative voters pivotal in GOP primaries." [change in emphasis like... how? and which other important issues?]

Analysis: Romney and Candor
""(AP)- As a presidential contender, Mitt Romney has the looks, the money and the campaign machine. He also has something of a candor gap. When confronted with questions that might conflict with his message of the day or political record, the Republican candidate has shown a tendency to bob and weave or simply dismiss history... Romney did it again over questions about whether he was planning to air negative ads... ``I haven't made any decisions on what issue ads might come forward, down the road, but those aren't what we shot today,'' Romney told reporters on Wednesday. ``What we shot today was just me to camera.'' On Friday, his campaign went on TV with a new commercial, a so-called contrast ad that did not feature Romney speaking, but a narrator comparing his record to McCain's on immigration and tax matters." [is this weak little story supposed to support the flagrant attacks on Romney's "candor" abilities?] Also see this excellent analysis of this attack story.

Romney lashes out at McCain in NH Romney Backpedals on Statements- Again
""(AP)- Mitt Romney, who earlier this year had to backpedal on his hunting exploits [yea, apparently he didn't hunt as many "small varmits" as he claimed, that's just outragous and very important alright], is explaining himself again after claiming an endorsement he did not receive and saying he witnessed his father in civil rights marches he could not have seen. "It's a figure of speech," Romney said Thursday after media inquiries into the Republican presidential contender's statement... [that's exactly what any sane person would call it, anyone who actually watched the speech in question anyway.] The gun rights group did not endorse either candidate, and gave a higher issues rating to his Democratic opponent. Romney said Monday, ``It was, if you will, a support phone bank, which is not an official endorsement.''... [and this is backpedaling how? And this ignores plentiful evidence that they did in fact endorse Romney] Throughout his campaign, he has been dogged by allegations of flip-flopping on key issues, from abortion rights to gun control and gay rights. [and this report is supposed to logically tie into these allegations?] "

Factcheck- Romney on Pardons
""(AP)...Left out of the spot is perhaps Romney's most noteworthy pardon denial: his rejection of the request of an Iraq war veteran who was trying to become a police officer after his National Guard service. [...what kind of factcheck is this? Romney lied because he didn't include some obscure story which didn't contradict anything?] ... THE SPIN:... THE FACTS: [a ridiculous excuse for fact check.]"

Romney Professes Pride in Mormon Faith Despite Question Romney Criticized for Hotel Pornography
""[Does Glen only cite the conservative Family Research Council when they blame a minor business issue on Romney, who didn't manage such decisions with his position?]"

Romney Finds Advisers Both Hurt and Help
""See this expose on this deceitful article.]"

Here are several more attack articles debunked.
Here's Johnson's meltdown: Politico's spin (linked by DrudgeReport)
""(Politico)- Mitt Romney scolded a veteran campaign reporter [poisoning the well calling him veteran, also they don't mention that he represents AP or his history as I have done] Answering what reporters later called a routine question, Romney took a veiled shot at Sen. John McCain. [Watch the CBS video and you will see this isn't at all a "routine question".]

MSNBC's Spin: Johnson's Attack Reports after post-meltdown: Romney Celebrates Win in Nevada
""(AP)...The Republican presidential contender also ignored a loss in South Carolina to celebrate an easy win in Nevada's caucuses, which followed up his victory Tuesday in Michigan's primary... Later, during a speech before more than 600 supporters, he never mentioned his loss to rivals John McCain and Mike Huckabee in South Carolina _ where Romney had outspent the field.[Why would he? Johnson is trying to paint Romney as a loser with charged words and one-sided reporting]"

Analysis: Gop Race Changing Daily
""(AP)...While the former Massachusetts governor with the self-described 50-state campaign competed heartily in South Carolina, he chose to ignore the skunking he took - fourth place - and instead focused on the win he scored in Nevada's caucuses on Saturday."[again painting Romney as a loser]

And finally, Newsbusters points out that virtually all media spin Johson's meltdown as Romney having a meltdown.

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