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AP Fabricates Chinese public's Outrage at Spielberg

China Media, Public Angered by Spielberg

(AP)- "Hollywood director Steven Spielberg's decision to quit the Beijing Olympics over the Darfur crisis is drawing condemnation by China's state-controlled media and a groundswell of criticism from the Chinese public.

China's media is state-owned so of course they'll complain, but does China's "public" care?

"In newspaper commentaries and lively Internet forums, they have expressed outrage, scorn and bewilderment... A biting front-page editorial Wednesday in the overseas edition of the People's Daily, the Communist Party's official newspaper, blasted Spielberg... Over the weekend, the Guangming Daily, also published by the Communist Party, ran an editorial... An editorial in the China Youth Daily was equally scathing... But the issue also has exploded on the Internet, where scores of Chinese have been quick to add their criticism of Spielberg.

So China's communist government is angry and that's it. As for internet forums, everyone knows that China's propaganda bureau has invested heavily in agents who spread political propaganda on the internet.

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