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Build McCain up to Knock him Down

AP News

(AP)- "Now the undisputed leader for the GOP nomination, John McCain focused Wednesday on immediate goals. One was daunting: Winning over wary right-flank Republicans. Another less so: Cementing the nomination with victories in upcoming contests... "I have a long conservative record," argued the Arizona senator... McCain faced continued opposition from Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, his rivals in the nominating battle — at least for now.

All the media, including Fox News, painted Romney's "allegation" of a "brokered convention" between McCain and Huckabee as a conspiracy theory. But the fact remains, that's exactly what happened on Tuesday. By exchanging votes, McCain worked with Huckabee to shut Romney out of many states he should have won. Why is AP praising McCain- at least for now? Well consider this:

(Jack Wheeler)... ""The man is unhinged," one Senator told me. "He is frighteningly unfit to be Commander-in-Chief... They have been having discussions with a Russian whom we'll call "T" for Translator. T's father was the Soviet military intelligence officer who ran the "Hanoi Hilton" prison holding captured Americans during the Vietnam War. One of those prisoners was John McCain... T, a bright teenager living in the GRU compound in Hanoi, had become fluent in Vietnamese, and ended up translating many of the reports and interrogators' notes... the Vietnamese offered - according to McCain - to release him. McCain claims he refused, because he demanded all American POWs captured before him be released as well. He thus remained a prisoner when he could have gone home, and was subjected to constant brutal beatings and torture for years: that is the source of the "war-hero" saga making McCain a greater war-hero than any other American POW. Yet the offer of release would had to have been approved by the GRU overseers of the North Vietnamese - and T does not recall any such offer being made... McCain was kept at the Hanoi Hilton from December 1969 until his release, along with all the remaining POWs, in March of 1973. During this time, T translated all the Vietnamese interrogators' notes and reports regarding John McCain. According to T, they reveal that McCain had made an "accommodation" with his captors, and in exchange, T's father saw that he was provided with an apartment in Hanoi and the services of two prostitutes. Upon returning to his prison cell, he would say he had been held in solitary confinement. That may be why so many of his fellow prisoners said later they saw so little of him at Hoa Loa. The notes and reports written in Vietnamese were sent to Moscow, where T was a now a college student, for T's translation into Russian, then placed into GRU archives. That's where they stayed until 1991. Late that year, as the Soviet Union was collapsing, the CIA and the GRU made a deal for a document swap."

To the Point News Maybe this is complete junk, but maybe the media's simply holding it back- at least for now.

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