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Judge Closes Top Exposé Site

A California judge, Bush appointee Justice White, has granted an injunction written and requested by lawyers for the Cayman Island's Bank Julius Baer to "immediately clear and remove all DNS hosting records for the domain name and prevent the domain name from resolving to the website or any other website or server other than a blank park page." Wikileaks was not represented at the hearing.

Wikileaks (cover-name)

(Wikileaks)- "Julius Baer Group is a Swiss banking firm which is the parent company of Bank Julius Bär, a traditional "private" bank based in Zurich... A number of customers of Swiss bank Julius Baer are being investigated by German tax authorities acting upon information sent to them by a former bank officer based in the Cayman Islands who is accused of stealing secret client files.

So the site was shut down for exposing the names of alleged tax-evaders. Oh it's juicier than that! Wikileaks (cover-name)

(Wikileaks)- " Over the last two weeks, Wikileaks has released several hundred documents from a Swiss banking whistleblower purportedly showing offshore tax evasion and money laundering by extremely wealthy and in some cases, politically sensitive, clients from the US, Europe, China and Peru...

The bank concerned, Julius Baer (BJB), which specializes in asset hiding, has briefed Hollywood media lawyers Lavely and Singer, who like to describe themselves as "all-around bad cop for stars from Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger to Jim Carrey and Celine Dion." Strangely, Lavely and Singer have refused to put in writing either the name of their client or name of the documents concerned.

However in a telephone call yesterday between Wikileaks' Californian counsel Julie Turner and Lavely and Singer's Evan Spiegel, L&S admitted their client was BJB and claimed that the whistleblower concerned was the former deputy director of the Cayman Islands office, Rudolf Elmer.

**Update- Judge White has allowed Wikileaks to resume in the USA

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