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Newsweek: Is Romney a "Soulless Throat-Cutter?"

Howard Fineman seems to think Mitt Romney's campaign failed because it lacked authenticity. Or because he was Mormon. Either way. Buring Mitt

(Newsweek)..."They thought he was a decent classy guy. But maybe he really is a soulless throat-cutter who would do and say anything to win... Romney won his home state and the states in the West where Mormonism was familiar, but not much else... But voters know a phony above all and Romney came off as one from the get-go. Over the last decade he had changed his views in a rightward direction on so many issues to suit what he thought he needed to win the GOP nomination... but as soon as the genuine article (or at least a more genuine article) came along in Iowa, in the form of Mike Huckabee, Romney was blown away.[Are you saying they voted Huckabee because he wasn't Mormon? Or because the Media falsely claimed Romney changed his views?]... But he also was damaged by a factor over which he had no control and, to his credit, he didn't seek to mute--his Mormonism. In the Bible Belt, his faith is anathema. And yet when the head of the Mormon Church passed away, Romney left the campaign trail to attend the funeral in Salt Lake that may have damaged him on the eve of Super Tuesday."

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