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Olberman Hypocrisy

Shuster was suspended from MSNBC after asking if Hillary was "pimping" her daughter on the Olberman show. But he was only copying Olberman:
Newsbusters has this transcript of Olberman's Nov 26 '06 show:

"... Jenna and Barbara Bush. They have regained their party girl crowns thanks to reports from their 25th birthday celebrations in Argentina this weekend... the girls running naked down a hallway of their hotel... the situation was so bad that the U.S. embassy asked the girls to leave, which the embassy fervently denies, by the way... Barbara, is already back in the U.S. and that report, very flimsily backed up by the website Galkers Tip Line For Celebrity Spotting, GalkerStalker, which reports that Ms. Bush was seen with an unnamed man eating Oysters in the west village of New York City last night. No word on whether Jenna Bush is likewise cutting her holiday short or having oysters... You have met the Bush daughters and you know your White Houses. Are these the kind of women who would do things like run around in a hotel naked?... given that Barbara Bush has already been spotted back in the U.S., does that mean someone pulled the rug out from under the party?

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