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AFP: Protesters "Harassing China's Communist Leaders"

As our media continues to relay only Chinese talking points:

China says torch protests 'shameful' as Tibet pressure mounts

(AFP)- "China Tuesday said attempts to disrupt the Olympic torch relay were "shameful"...the demonstrations in Greece on Monday underlined world anger over Tibet and a determination to keep harassing China's communist leaders on the issue. But China's foreign ministry had only sharp words for the protests...

The China Daily called the flame ceremony "a perfect start," while the Global Times, a specialised newspaper focusing on international issues, carried a short reference to the protests at the end of a lengthy, positive report...

AFP doesn't present any kind of perspective from the protesters or pro-Tibans, only quotes from Chinese leaders and communist media. And here's some recent updates AFP missed:

-China fires on peaceful monks and nuns
-China kills young schoolchildren"
-Poland to boycott Olympic ceremony

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