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AP: "Don't Boycott the Games"

Editorial: Don't boycott the Games

(AP)- "Surely the negotiators who worked out the agreement to bring this summer's Olympic Games to Beijing did not expect the great prestige of hosting the Games and their importance to the regime's sense of self-respect would usher in a new era of human rights.

As I recall, human rights was an enormous issue in considering China for the olympics. China promised to respect human rights more and they've broken their promise. AP is rewriting history.

"The Chinese government reacted predictably to the unrest, barring reporters, shutting down Internet sites, blocking outside news channels like CNN and the BBC... By midweek, the regular and paramilitary police seemed to have the situation under control, at a cost, the government says, of only 16 dead. The Tibetan government in exile says, more believably, 99, 80 in Lhasa alone.

You forgot to mention that those 99 dead are claimed to have been protesters, most of them peaceful, shot by Chinese forces, and that hundreds more peaceful protesters have been arrested and are probably being tortured as we speak. And on to why we shouldn't boycott China:

"It would be a deadly insult and humiliation to an insecure government that would not forgive or forget. It has required the government to acknowledge and try to mitigate horrendous levels of pollution. It has required the government to open itself to the foreign press and unprecedented scrutiny. China, even as it tries to deal with the Tibetans out of sight, must be growingly aware that the world is indeed watching... If the Games were never going to usher in a new era of human rights, they are at least a strong nudge in that direction. Throwing the Chinese's hospitality in their face would accomplish nothing.

Is it just me, or is treating the world's second biggest country like a troubled child a little stupid?

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