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AP: Get ready to let Spitzer off the hook!

As we continue on the "his private life is none of our business" road... Legal cloud lingers over Spitzer

(AP)..."Among the possible charges that could be brought against Spitzer: soliciting and paying for sex; violating the Mann Act, the 1910 federal law that makes it a crime to induce someone to cross state lines for immoral purposes; and illegally arranging cash transactions to conceal their purpose.

But legal experts said bringing charges and getting a conviction would be unusual, considering federal authorities rarely charge the customers in illegal sex or drug cases. A likely outcome could be what is called a "deferred prosecution agreement," which could leave Spitzer on probation with charges dropped if he did not get into any more trouble.

Why does it matter how old a law is? A law's age has no logical connection with it's plausibility, yet AP makes that insinuation. And prostitution costumers usually get away with it? Are you serious? Anyway, so Spitzer violated these laws, including a felony, and all we can expect is deferred prosecution. Now for the spin:

"Gerald Lefcourt, past president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys [A liberal Group], said criminal charges against Spitzer would be "stretching federal statutes to a place they've never been."

Edward ["Anything to Win"]J.M. Little, who worked in the public corruption unit of the Manhattan federal prosecutor's office for eight years in the 1980s, said it would be "piling on" to bring charges now.

"I think it would be outrageous if they went after him any further on this," he said. "Solicitation cases are typically pled down to minor charges and just because he was governor doesn't mean he should be treated any more harshly unless they impacted his duties as governor."
He added: "Even though I personally think it's reprehensible, it doesn't mean it's criminal. He's resigned which is probably the ultimate penalty in this case so why should let it be."

The most likely charge Spitzer could face is structuring — breaking sums of money down into smaller amounts to hide the true purpose of the funds — but it is rarely brought as a stand-alone charge... There is no reason to believe Spitzer, a millionaire many times over, used illegal funds to pay for anything. A Mann Act violation may be another stretch. The law is not typically applied to buying sex from adult women... But some say a structuring case might be the most likely scenario.

So he only gets probation for committing a felony, for soliciting sex for years, and concealing cash transactions, all because prosecuters (who are conveniently his best buds) shouldn't be more harsh on a governor, a governor who locked away many people for years for just these acts? And we are just assuming he didn't use illegal funds?? And actually AP is wrong, the Mann act is almost always "applied to buying sex from adult women." The Mann Act made it a felony to transport or aid in the transportation of a woman in interstate or foreign commerce “for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose, or with the intent and purpose to induce, entice, or compel such woman or girl” to immoral acts.

And no mention that he's a Democrat.

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