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AP Spins Russian Elections, Ignores Arrest of Opposition Leader

Kremlin's "favorite?" He "may continue Putin's policies?" No, it's abundantly clear that Medvedev is Putin's puppet. Just admit it.

Medvedev to take Russian presidency

(AP)..."A short time later, hundreds of riot police detained dozens of youths near a downtown Moscow square where opposition groups had planned an unauthorized protest against the presidential elections. As some chanted "We Need Another Russia!" police stormed through the crowd, tackling people and dragging them away, their arms wrenched behind their backs or their shirts half-torn off."

AP did devote an entire report to these totalitarian actions by Putin, but their photos don't show the "youths" that were "detained." And they don't report that "the leader of the prohibited National Bolshevik Party, well-known Russian writer Eduard Limonov, was among those arrested." They don't report the international criticism of these rigged elections.

Monsters and Critics fairly and objectively reveals those "youths" that were "detained." Thanks to them for good journalism:


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