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AP Reports Communist Talking Points

Besides censorship of youtube, AP's only update I could find on Tibet is Bejing's hollow talking points.

China condemns Tibetan protests

(AP)- "China accused Tibetan supporters of the Dalai Lama of attacking its embassies around the world, vowing Monday to protect its territory... a midnight deadline passed for protesters in the Tibetan capital Lhasa to surrender or face harsh consequences. [Actually it's "face less harsh consequences if you surrender"]

"I'd like to reiterate that the Chinese government will resolutely safeguard its national sovereignty and territorial integrity," Foreign Ministry spokesman... "Tibetan independence forces used violent acts to break through police cordons in foreign countries and break into Chinese embassies and consulates," Liu said. He called on international governments to increase security of its missions. He said the "atrocities of the Tibetan independence forces manifested ... the hypocrisy and deceit of its peace and non-violence propaganda," in a reference to supporters of the Dalai Lama... Liu said the violence would not harm Beijing's hosting of the Olympics.

"I think they made the wrong calculation of their situation. We will continue our great efforts in making the Olympic games a great success. We are proud we're going to host the Olympic games and we are determined to make the Olympic games a success." Earlier, Tibet's China-appointed governor Champa Phuntsok denounced the protesters in Lhasa as criminals and threatened harsh consequences... "If these people turn themselves in, they will be treated with leniency within the framework of the law," said Champa Phuntsok, an ethnic Tibetan. Otherwise "we will deal with them harshly," he added. He said those who turn themselves in and inform on others will earn even more leniency. "No country would allow those offenders or criminals to escape the arm of justice and China is no exception," Champa Phuntsok said at news briefing. [What AP didn't report is you have to show "proper remorse" after ratting others out, and then you'll be dealt with "less harshly." Great deal!]

The Dalai Lama, Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, said Sunday that he felt "helpless"... But what began as largely peaceful protests by monks spiraled Friday into a melee with Tibetans attacking Chinese and burning their businesses in the Tibetan capital Lhasa [Says Beijing, who won't let out any footage of what really happened]... The Dalai Lama's exiled Tibetan government in India has said that 80 people were killed — a claim the governor denied. [Actually the count is up to several hundred. Keep up.]...

Authorities paraded handcuffed Tibetan prisoners in Lhasa on Monday... 40 people, mostly young Tibetan men and women... While Lhasa was still swarming with troops [Contrary to Beijing's claim that "Life is back to Normal"]... In Gansu's Maqu county, which borders Sichuan, thousands of monks and ordinary Tibetans clashed with police Monday. "We have nothing to protect ourselves and we can't fight back," said an officer... In the city of Lanzhou, about 500 Tibetan students who gathered Sunday on the Northwest Minorities University's soccer field abandoned an overnight vigil...

And AP goes on with a few legitimate updates. Now, why did they start the article with echoes of Beijing's ridiculous claims? AP unwittingly contradicted Beijing's claim that everything is back to normal. No comment on Beijing's claim that the monks who burned themselves in protest were trying to frame Chinese police. No comment on Beijing's claim that protesters targeted innocent Muslims. No comment on Beijing's claim that this was all just "a handful" of monks. No comment on Beijing's claim that police didn't fire on anyone.

AP only interviewed communist spokesmen and didn't give one second to any protesters or Tibetan sympathizers... oh excuse me, except for Dalai Lama's "feeling helpless." And finally, here's some important updates that AP didn't report:

- UN Council keeps silent on Attrocities for Fear of Provoking China
- Nepal Media Whitewash Crackdown in Tibet
- Over 1000 protest peacefully in Nepal, beaten by Police
- 40 School Children Beaten and Arrested
- India continues to detain peaceful protesters
- Hong Kong reporters removed due to "illegal reporting"

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