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AP Spins Boycott Talks in Beijing's Favor

Calls Mount for Olympic Ceremony Boycott

(AP)- "Moves to punish China over its handling of violence in Tibet gained momentum Tuesday, with a novel suggestion for a mini-boycott of the Beijing Olympics"

The point isn't to "punish China." The reason given for this protest was "to firmly demonstrate one's disagreement with the Chinese government's policies." And this isn't a reaction to China's "handling of violence." The reason given for this boycott was "the Chinese government's mounting human rights violations and the glaring lack of freedom in China," and their broken promise to respect human rights for the Olympics. AP doesn't consider China's suppression of legitimate protests, lies, violence against peaceful protesters, and contempt for press coverage. Also, it's unfair to lump all boycotts as a "mini-boytcott" even if this suggestion is the only "novel" one, in AP's opinion. For example, why not report on the two bills in the House of Representatives on boycotting the Olympics?

(AP)..."Such an opening ceremony boycott presumably would not include the athletes, who under Olympic rules are forbidden from making any kind of protest..."

Actually for those paying attention, athletes are already boycotting, such as New Zealand gold metalist Mark Todd. New Zealand and other countries are lifting the gags on their athletes. AP doesn't report this, or the other talks of a broader Olympic boycott by Poland.

(AP)..."The International Olympic Committee has been forced to lobby against boycott calls and the possibility of the games turning into a political demonstration."

I got a message for you. The Olympics are already a political demonstration. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling himself. When Hitler started killing Jews was the Olympic committee "forced" to lobby against boycotts of the games in Germany?

(AP)..."The consensus is that a total boycott would only hurt the athletes."

I'm glad you could make that consensus for us, AP!

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