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AP Spins Iraq Stats

Recent AP reports, such as this one, note that civilian casualties have increased, although last months was the lowest in years. But they make no mention of US soldiers casualties, which have declined since January. The most recent AP report I could find that mentions stats of US casualties is this February report:

The US Troop Surge, a Year Later

(AP)..."The sharply lower figures for the second half of 2007 have only returned the pace of U.S. losses to what they were in late 2003 and early 2004. The Iraqi death toll is back down to where it was at the close of 2005."

According to the definitive Iraq Coalition Count this isn't true. Only February 2004 has a lower pace than December 2007 or February 2008. Dean's World notes that the last 4 months have seen the lowest US fatalities, the lowest Iraq military fatalities, and the lowest Iraqi civilian fatalities recorded over any 4-month period.

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