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AP's Spin starts with Spitzer's Wife

GOP Senators Says Craig Should Resign

(AP)..."Flanked by his wife, Suzanne, Craig stated three times that he was not gay.

That's all AP had to say about Larry Craig's wife last August. (AP mentions in the title and several times in the article that Craig is a Republican.) Later that month AP reported that "conservative Republican" Craig's wife refused to admit that Craig had done anything wrong or gay. AP asked "Why do the wives of politicians willingly step into the frame of public humiliation that only a sex scandal can bring?" They asked the same about Hillary Clinton and Dina McGreevey (without mentioning that they're Democrats of course.) But then specific to Craig's "sham marriage," AP's answer from an "expert" is that either they are all about public image, all about power, or they're attracted to jerks.

(AP)..."Sometimes the answer is presenting a united front for purely public relations. Sometimes it's about hanging onto the perks of power and the pleasures of public office. And sometimes, political consultants say, it's the simple fact that she still loves the jerk.

AP also reported on McGreevy's ex-wife's sympathy. McGreevy ditched his family after we learned that he was cheating on his wife with men, but Craig never ditched his family and disputed the allegations that he once solicited sex from an undercover cop in a bathroom. There's a difference. (And notice AP again notes Craig is Republican but never tell us that McGreevy is a Democrat.)

Well AP pulls out the same question regarding Spitzer's wife, and of course no mention that he's a Democrat. Just like AP didn't mention that Clinton or McGreevy were Democrats as they proclaimed Craig's Republican party affiliation from the rooftops. And since Spitzer is a Democrat they won't suggest he had a "sham marriage," or claim that his wife stood there only because she either likes publicity, like power, or likes jerks. Instead, their "expert" says she stands by him in order to "protect the cubs" at home.

(AP) "Your lives are intertwined, emotionally, financially and physically," said Gail Saltz, who practices in New York City. "You share children. Just because someone has hurt and betrayed you deeply doesn't mean you stop loving them. It's very complicated for any woman who finds her husband has betrayed her."

AP cites another expert who says she "had no choice but to stand publicly by her husband, for whom she gave up an active career as a corporate lawyer." She "chose to be the wife of a governor, and she's done it very conscientiously, and very well."

And finally, AP tells us it's a private matter:

(AP) "You don't turn your back on a loved one," Shapiro said. "You support them. You don't want your kids to see you abandoning their father in his time of need." "You express your support publicly. Then you handle the rest privately. And all that," Shapiro says, "is none of our business."

Double standard much??

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