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Deceptive AP Headline: Black Elitists don't Support Obama

Obama's Bid Doesn't Have Support of Most Black Corporate Elite

(AP)..."Less than one-third of the 191 black members of the boards of the largest 250 U.S. companies have contributed to the Illinois senator's campaign, according to Federal Election Commission records."

So you have to contribute money to a campaign to "support" it? Now, AP admits that blacks contributed more than twice as much to Obama than Hillary. I'd say that shows Obama has the support of black businesspeople. And how many whites contributed to Hillary or McCain? Asians? Hispanics? Doesn't say. My guess is less than one-third. And I like the charged word "elitist." Sounds like a line by Mike Huckabee.

(AP)..."``To the extent they're not Republican, they have been part of the establishment wing of the Democratic Party, not so much a part of the change wing,'' said Walters"

So "black corporate elitists" are too much like Republicans, they don't believe in change like blacks are supposed to? Or, says AP, they are simply "not giving" people.

(AP)..."Obama's business support may be coming from owners of small companies, said Robert Smith... ``An independent businessman might feel a bit freer to contribute than one connected to a major corporation,'' Smith said. There is now way [sic] to estimate such giving as the FEC doesn't disclose the race of donors.

Insinuating that black businesspeople are scared of repercussions from their bosses, nice! Actually, small business-owners are more likely to donate to GOP simply because the GOP is more friendly to small businesses. It just sounds silly to assume, apparently on a whim, that small, younger business-owners are more likely to contribute to Obama.

What a pathetic cover for the fallout from Obama's racist pastor!

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