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Media Blackout on Tibet Continued

China's communist media describes the poor Muslims who they say were targeted by "a handful" of cruel Tibetan protesters.

China's communist media finally had to mention Tibet, with several short articles titled "Secessionist attempts[Now reads: "Dalai coteries"] doomed to fail" and "Life Back to Normal." Ridiculous

This video of Tibetan protesters storming the Toronto embassy and replacing the Chinese flag with a Tibetan flag might not last long, as all previous videos have been deleted from Youtube. The media is almost completely silent.
The same thing happened in Paris, and in Hague, and the media is silent. China is currently combing through each private residence in Tibetan cities and abducting anyone they like, especially targeting youths. A number of athletes have joined Poland in threatening a boycott of the Olympics. Chinese troops have killed more defenseless protesters in fresh protests in and around Tibet. The Czech Republic has officially condemned China, saying "the Tibetans' protests express their natural will to freedom." Amnesty International has called for a probe by the UN, and slammed Bush for 'turning a blind eye.' And French lawmakers demand permission to enter Tibet to see what's really going on.

More updates on what the media won't report, to come!

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