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Media Coverage of Tibetan Genocide

UPDATE: Poland threatens to boycott the Olympics. Media silent.

There are videos of ignored pro-Tibet protests, overwhelmingly repressed protests, in Wisconson, Brussels, New York City, Tibet, Z├╝rich, Nepal, Sydney, Salt Lake City, San Fransisco, Portland, Dehli, Jantar Mantar, Toronto, Netherlands, and thousands of other cities, besides the many thousands protesting in various provinces of China and Tibet. Meanwhile, China's Propaganda Machine is filling Youtube with videos of footage cut by Chinese media agencies. The titles and descriptions blame it on the Dalai Lama, calling him a terrorist.

The Dalai Lama said Tibet is experiencing a "cultural genocide." With the numbers coming in of the defenseless protesters murdered by China, it might actually turn out to be a real Genocide, not a cultural genocide, or an "Abbas" genocide. The media is admitting extreme difficulty in reporting on the situation because the Chinese are blocking access to almost everyone and deleting footage, much like they did with Tiananmen Square.

AP has been the most accessed source, but Radio Free Asia has been the most extensive. Initial reports mentioned the violent repressions of peaceful protests in Nepal, India, and other countries, but I haven't seen any recent reports on protests in other countries. Chinese troops have even entered Nepal, a sovereign country, to repress protests there, but only an obscure AFP article mentions that. The exiled Tibetan government confirms 80 killed, maybe up to 100, but the number is probably much much higher. A witness told Radio Free Asia:

(RFA)- " "Today when the Tibetans were demonstrating, many Tibetans were killed. We Tibetans had no weapons to fight back. When the Tibetans were gathered in front of the Jokhang [temple], the Chinese fired at us. I personally saw more than 100 Tibetans killed when the Chinese fired at the Tibetan crowd."

Absent from other reports, RFA also reports that Tibetans have been restricted to their homes while ethnic Chinese are free to roam as they please. AP mentions sporatic gunshots heard, but RFA reports Chinese tanks firing into crowds.

But the most significant angle that all media except RFA have missed is the role of Chinese Muslims. Tibetans destroyed a mosque after Muslims killed Tibetan protesters.

(RFA)- " “Many of those killed were young Tibetans, both boys and girls. Many girls were killed too. Some of the Tibetans were killed by Chinese Muslims and then the Tibetans destroyed their mosque,” he said. “...When I looked back, all the Chinese shops were destroyed. I think not one Chinese shop is intact in the Barkhor area. All kinds of stuff were piled up on the main road and burned. Many vehicles were burned and destroyed.”

More updates to come!

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