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NYT got Pwnd

The ’80s Video That Pops Up, Online and Off

(NYT)- "Before the women’s basketball game at Eastern Washington University on March 8, as the Eagles of E.W.U. faced off against the Montana State Bobcats, attendees were greeted by a 1980s flashback. Two men on the sidelines surprised the crowd by blasting the British singer Rick Astley’s 1987 hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up” through the gym, while one, dressed as a look-alike in Mr. Astley’s signature trench coat, lip-synched and mugged to the music: a popular prank known as rickrolling. The stunt, which was also performed before three other basketball games and distilled into a YouTube video, provoked a variety of reactions.

And here's that parody video. That's right the video was a parody, the whole thing never happened. Too bad, the story was well written too. Here's what the video's creator said:

(SR)-"The lady (reporter) was really sweet. I didn't set out to make her look bad," said Fisher

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