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Why the silence on Tibet?

AP has plenty of reports on the Tibet crisis, but they are overwhelmingly supportive of Communist China, and most major carriers, such as Fox News and CNN, aren't carrying the significant stories.

Firstly, most stories that tell only China's ridiculously hollow spin, with headlines like "China Vows to Hold Onto Tibet," or "China Condemns Tibetan Protests," or "China: Dalai Lama Wants to Sour Olympics." And these almost never quote the protesters or their claims of atrocities by China. This is a far cry from AP's tendency to only quote Palestinian citizens or Anti-American Iraqis. BBC is the only media I've seen publish the readily available photos of shot protesters.

Secondly, like I said, it seems like people don't care. Possible genocide is going on and Fox News' headline is "Deadly Disease Causes Sisters to Grow Too Much Skin." No mention of Tibet on the frontpages for Fox News and CNN. Other conservative blogs are mostly silent, and perhaps I'm losing readers because I'm harping on Tibet so much, but I feel it's my responsibility to do so.

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