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AP Spins Economic Growth into Doom

Economy grows at only 0.6 percentage point rate

(AP)-"The bruised economy limped through the first quarter of this year at a six-tenths of a percentage point growth rate... The country's economic growth during January through March was the same as in the final three months of last year, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday — but not the kind of statistic that economists define as a recession. Although the economy is stuck in a rut, it is still managing to keep growing — however slightly."

That's funny because just last month the same reporter said, "the country is falling toward a recession or has already toppled into one." What AP didn't report is that the growth rate was better than expected, and that it matched the previous three months' growth.

AP Spin: "Bush Lies About Energy"

In this ridiculous attack, AP can't back up their accusation that Bush is lying and being political. AP ignores facts that indicate Congress is behind the recent spike in oil prices. Just look at the time-line (link:Gateway Pundit):

Bush rhetoric on energy strays from the facts

(AP)-"President Bush put politics ahead of the facts Tuesday as he sought to blame Congress for high energy prices... Asked what he is doing to try to get Saudi Arabia to pump more oil, Bush didn't answer directly. "We've got to understand there's not a lot of excess capacity in the world right now," he said. Blaming "the lack of refinery capacity" for high energy prices, he said Congress has rejected his proposal to use shuttered military bases for refinery sites...

[AP remarks that Saudi Arabia has lowered its output in recent years when they actually could produce more. That's the only spin they could really find there. AP doesn't admit that "Congress has repeatedly blocked efforts to expand capacity and build more refineries." Senator Craig noted that other countries are actually drilling OUR oil off OUR shores: "China is actively exploring oil fields 50 miles from Key West, Florida. U.S. companies are barred from working in this area because of U.S. policy . So, instead of allowing the most environmentally responsible companies to operate there and increase our domestic supply, China, who has a dismal environmental record, is sucking close, lucrative oil reserves dry."]

"If Congress is interested, they can send the right signal by saying we are going to explore for oil and gas in U.S. territories, starting with ANWR," said Bush, adding that opening the Alaska refuge to oil companies "likely will mean lower gas prices."...

[AP says prices won't be affected, but they will be affected. Just a tiny bit, but they'll still be affected]

Bush said "it is in our national interest" to continue pumping oil into the government's Strategic Petroleum Reserve — about 70,000 barrels a day — "in case there is a major disruption of crude oil around the world."

[AP thinks it isn't needed. No quotes to back them up]

The president said Congress was "demanding emissions cuts that would shut down coal plants" and criticized lawmakers for hindering the expansion of nuclear power.

[AP can't find any falsehood here]

AP Doesn't Even Try to Hide It Anymore

Republicans preparing 'liberal' attacks for Obama ('s headline)

(AP)-"Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama promises to bridge the ideological divide between Red states and Blue states, bringing Republicans and independents into a post-partisan coalition. Republicans plan to paint Obama as a liberal who is out of step with mainstream Americans on abortion, crime and health care, the same label used against failed Democratic candidates George McGovern and John Kerry.

Conservatives claim Obama's positions place him out of sync with most Americans. They point to the National Journal's 2007 rating of him as the most liberal senator... Karl Frisch, spokesman for Media Matters for America, a Washington-based media watchdog organization, criticized the rating, saying it is ``remarkably misleading'' to count Obama votes such as those he cast in favor of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations and ethics overhaul as ``liberal.''...

The assault has begun. The North Carolina Republican Party is running a television ad that brands him as ``too extreme'' by linking him to his former pastor. Obama yesterday denounced ``ridiculous'' comments by Reverend Jeremiah Wright"

This whole piece is an apology and spin: quotes of attacks by Republicans and responses from Obama's point of view- opinions and half-truths. And amazingly, AP quotes radical liberal "Media Matters" as the middle-man who gives a supposedly un-biased, educated opinion.

As for the guilt by association with his pastor, Obama once said he relies on Mr. Wright to ensure “that I am speaking as truthfully about what I believe." as possible.” You won't see AP report that.


Props to Bush

Two Gold Stars from AP Check

AP Omits Criticism of China's Life Sentences

AP parrots China's false talking points, that Buddhists started the Lhasa riots and Tibetans propagated violent. AP reports that China "defended the judicial process" that led to life sentences for alleged Tibetan rioters recently. What they don't report is whom China is defending against.

Human Rights Watch condemned the clown court, claiming it violated international standards of due process. Of course the UN is silent. AP reported the trial was a one-day proceeding which was open to the public. The sentences were handed out in a single day of trial, but the actual proceedings have been held in secret for some time now. Human Rights Watch points out several flaws:

(Human Rights Watch) "A consistent failure to establish a distinction between peaceful and violent protesters; statements by the Procuratorate (the Public Prosecution) at the time of the suspected protesters’ arrest that assumed their guilt rather than their innocence; and secret trial proceedings. On March 17, Zhang Qinli, the TAR Communist Party secretary, urged that there be “quick arrests, quick hearings, and quick sentencings” of the people involved in the protests, virtually a political directive to circumvent guarantees for a fair and impartial legal process. In addition, these 30 Tibetans may have been denied their right to their own counsel. All the lawyers who had publicly offered to defend Tibetan protesters were forced to withdraw their assistance after judicial authorities in Beijing threatened to discipline them and suspend their professional licenses."

AP doesn't report this. AP reports "pro-Tibetan supporters outside China protested against the Olympic torch relay at several stops around the world, resulting in massive disruptions and clashes with pro-China groups in some cities." This is FALSE and I'm frickin sick of hearing it! Chinese instigated the clashes. Who do you think is politicizing the Olympics here, protesting about China's unity?:

AP also reports "Beijing has also moved to tamp down tensions diplomatically. The government announced last week that it would be willing to begin talks with representatives to the Dalai Lama..." But AP doesn't mention that China has concurrently stepped up propaganda campaigns and ridiculous conspiracy theories that demonize the Dalai Lama.

Is there any doubt our media is bought and paid for by genocidist China?

AP: Another "Splintered" Court Ruling

7 to 2. Rulings are only "splintered" when they don't go as AP would like, in this case lethal injections.


AP: 6-3 Supreme Court Ruling was "Splintered"

AP called today's ruling by the Supreme Court, that states can require voters to produce ID before voting, a "splintered ruling" even though it was 6 to 3.

AP remarks, "Evidence of voters being inconvenienced by the law's requirements also is scant." Well actually, Democrats could come up with ZERO evidence that anyone would be inconvenienced. Why? "Indiana provides IDs free of charge... It also allows voters who lack photo ID's to cast a provisional ballot and then show up within 10 days at their county courthouse to produce identification..." AP quotes plenty of critics and then reminds us of the Supreme Court 'stealing the election' for Bush in 2000.

AP Omits Context of Rev. Wright's Speech

AP repeatedly reports that Wright's speech to the National Press Club was about past controversial speeches, but AP doesn't say what he said in those controversial speeches. They also don't report on the African-Americans protesting the event.

Take a look at the energetic standing ovation the elite press gives the racist:

China's First Terrorist Attack?

The crash occured exactly 3 months before the Olympic Village is to open in Qingdao. Of course China says it was "human error" that led to a train collision that killed 70 people yesterday. The train was traveling from Beijing, host of the Olympics, to Qingdao, part of the Olympic Village and where the sailing competition is to take place. We know the head of China's sailing team was seriously injured in the crash, but the identities of the dead haven't been released. Were other members of China's sailing team on that train, and were they the target of a terrorist attack? Is it coincidence that Qingdao will open as host to Olympic attendees in exactly 3 months? Why did China announce today that there will be extra "tests" before the Olympic village opens, to ensure safety?

China has advertised this train as the route for Olympic attendees to get to Qingdao, and Qingdao will host the Olympic torch in a July ceremony. Also consider how quickly Chinese troops reacted to the crash.

Media Silence: Violent Chinese Riots around the World

From the first violent riot in Canada to death threats against American citizens I've been there, but the media hasn't. They either ignore the violence, which is organized by China's government, or spin it against Tibetans. Here are several pro-Chinese violent riots ignored by our media around the world:

IOC: Shutup About China

The IOC already said civil disobedience is "abuse of democratic freedom." Now they are saying people should just shutup altogether. And our media is completely ignoring it.

Rogge tells West: Be fair with China

(China Daily)- "You don't obtain anything in China with a loud voice," Rogge told Saturday's Financial Times. "That is the big mistake of people in the West wanting to add their views." "It took us 200 years to evolve from the French Revolution. China started in 1949," Rogge added, noting that was a time when Britain and other European nations were also colonial powers, "with all the abuse attached to colonial powers". "It was only 40 years ago that we gave liberty to the colonies. Let's be a little bit more modest."

Rogge said the IOC always believed awarding the 2008 Games to Beijing would "open up China", and that in time, this would happen. "The Games we believe, over time, will have a good influence on social evolution in China, and the Chinese admit it themselves," he said... He noted that Beijing has made progress in two policy areas - a media law providing 25,000 foreign media access during the Games, and environmental measures to tackle the city's chronic pollution problems.

Rogge said China had given significant ground to the IOC by opening access to foreign media for the Olympics, which he expected to be extended beyond 2008 and believed would be a key factor in the social evolution of the country.


AP: Electoral Map in Democrats Favor

AP refers to the 2004 elections as evidence that the electoral map favors Democrats. But didn't a Republican win 2004? How does that work? Well AP also notes that McCain talks like a defeatist, which I'll admit he does, it's almost like he wants to lose. And, oh yea, people think Republicans are on the wrong track. There you go, electoral map in Democrats favor.

Electoral map favors a Democrat, has McCain playing defense

(AP)- "The electoral road to the White House favors Democrats this fall — either Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton — and has Republican John McCain playing defense to thwart a presidential power shift. A downtrodden economy, the war in Iraq and a public call for change have created an Electoral College outlook and a political environment filled with extraordinary opportunity for the Democrats and enormous challenge for the GOP nominee-in-waiting...

"This is going to be a tough campaign. I have no illusions how hard we have to work to win," McCain says, a sobering assessment of a Republican's chances when most voters say the country is on the wrong track under a GOP president. Conversely, Democrats exude confidence that Nov. 4 will break their way...

AP Changes Story to be less Accusative of Chinese "Defenders of the Torch"

At first, AP admitted that Chinese mobs were violent aggressors, at 10 A.M:

(AP)..."Hundreds of China supporters waving the Chinese flag greeted the torch, throwing rocks at anti-Beijing demonstrators... Scuffles broke out near the park between a group of 500 Chinese supporters and about 50 demonstrators. The Chinese side threw stones and water bottles at the others... A rock hit a journalist in the head, but there were apparently no other injuries."

AP changed the story to tell of vague clashes between sides, punches traded between sinister disruptors and the defenders of the torch, until the twelfth paragraph where they hint outnumbering Chinese were the actual aggressors. But that was after they noted an anti-Olympic demonstrator lit himself on fire and two others tried to storm the procession in order to disrupt the event. AP repeats rhetoric on how numerous the Chinese were, and then omits the fact that a journalist was injured with a bottle from Chinese rioters.

Clashes break out at Olympic torch relay in South Korea

(AP)- "Chinese students clashed with anti-Beijing demonstrators at the Olympic torch relay Sunday in Seoul, throwing rocks and punches at the latest stop on the flame's troubled round-the-world journey. A North Korean defector tried to set himself on fire to halt the relay, where thousands of police guarded the flame from protesters blasting China's treatment of North Korean refugees. But the small groups of anti-China demonstrators were far outnumbered by seas of red-clad Chinese supporters who waved red national flags as they took to the streets of the South Korean capital to defend the torch. [Defend the torch, or defend China?]

China's crackdown on violent protests against Chinese rule in Tibet has triggered attempts to disrupt the torch run... Two other demonstrators tried to storm the torch but failed to hinder its 15-mile trip... Police said five people, including a Chinese student, were arrested. Scuffles broke out near the relay start between a group of 500 Chinese supporters and about 50 demonstrators criticizing Beijing who carried a banner that read: "Free North Korean refugees in China." The students threw stones and water bottles...[Actually, only the Chinese students were violent]

One Chinese student swatted at the demonstrators with a flagpole. Another student was arrested for allegedly throwing rocks... "The Olympics are not a political issue," said Sun Cheng, 22, a Chinese student studying the Korean language in Seoul. "I can't understand why the Korean activist groups are protesting human rights or other diplomatic issues." Thousands of Chinese paced the torch on the 4 1/2-hour-long relay, some chanting, "Go China, go Olympics!"[Am I the only one who sees hypocricy here?] The torch arrived in Seoul from Japan, where Chinese supporters also outnumbered protesters who failed to disrupt the run. [Thank you, you "brave defenders of the torch!"]

AP: State Budget Woes caused by Economic Recession

Dizzying logic here. As the State Legislatures Conference makes excuses about why they are incompetant with tax money, they say a national economic recession is "beside the point." AP translates this as "states are in recession," reasoning that states can't balance their budgets because people are making less money and paying less taxes. Never mind state spending or tax rates, state government budgets are determined only by the general economy! "Drumbeat of economic bad news" indeed.

Many states appear to be in recession

(AP)- "The finances of many states have deteriorated so badly that they appear to be in a recession, regardless of whether that's true for the nation as a whole, a survey of all 50 state fiscal directors concludes... "Whether or not the national economy is in recession - a subject of ongoing debate - is almost beside the point for some states," said the report to be released Friday by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The weakening economy is hitting tax revenue in a number of ways: People's discretionary income is being gobbled up by higher food and fuel costs, while the tanking housing market means people are spending less on furniture and appliances associated with buying a house... More than two-thirds of states said they are concerned about next year's budgets. The results are consistent with a drumbeat of bad economic news for states that several budget groups have produced in the past few months.


McCain Supports 'Media Shield Law'

As he postures to win over journalists, McCain announced at the AP forum that he supports a proposed law that would allow the media to regularly meet with and quote terrorists without being investigated. Some do this already, but this law would allow all "journalists" to do this "regularly," with pretty much anyone, without investigation. The ill-defined terms "journalist" and "regularly" theoretically protect Al Jazeera or even Al Qaeda's media-arm inside the USA.

It's ironic that liberals and McCain support this bill, considering their position in the Plame-gate. In that case they wanted journalists to divulge their sources "in the interest of national security." And millions of dollars was wasted.

McCain said, "It is, frankly, a license to do harm, perhaps serious harm. But it also is a license to do good; to disclose injustice and unlawfulness and inequities; and to encourage their swift correction... But I trust in your integrity and patriotism that those occasions won’t be so numerous that I will, in fact, deeply regret my decision.”

The ALCU, "Hussein" Obama, and Hillary Clinton also support this law. It creates an upper class, a "license" for a special few who get to interact with terrorists. According to McCain, "integrity" and "patriotism" only exists among the Associated Press and other liberal media upper class.


AP: 'China Claims Tied for Most Internet Users'

Actually China claims to rank first in world internet users, claiming they "outnumbered the figure in the United States to rank the first in the world."

While they got China's allegation wrong, AP does tear China's claim to shreds. Estimates in America only counted those with home or work access, and China is still very low in commerce on the internet and population penetration.

New Lawsuit Against CNN: $1.3 billion

Criticize China and you get your name smeared across the world and multiple billion dollar lawsuits. This is a global crusade against free speech. I'm just waiting to receive my papers.

CNN now sued for $1.3 billion - $1 per person in China


China Sues CNN Commentator over Comments

Unbelievable. Tell the truth about China's government, and not only do they take your reputation to the cleaners, they bombard you with lawsuits.

China is clearly conquering global freedom of speech.

Murdoch Bends Media Ownership Rules in NYC

Murdoch Taking on F.C.C. Media Rule

(NYT)- "As he nears completion of a deal to acquire Newsday from the Tribune Company, Rupert Murdoch appears likely to pose the first significant challenge to the media ownership rule that the Federal Communications Commission recently adopted.

Even without Newsday, Mr. Murdoch was in the process of seeking waivers to continue to control two newspapers (The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post) and two television stations (WNYW and WWOR) in the New York area...

The new rule, approved by a deeply divided commission in December, permits a company to own just one paper and one television station in the same city in the top 20 markets so long as there are at least eight other independent sources of news and the station is not in the top four...

Mr. Murdoch managed to control two local television stations through one permanent and one temporary waiver to the old rule. But the renewal of the licenses of both stations, under review since 2006, has been challenged by groups opposed to greater media consolidation.

SF Gate Fuzzy Math: Military Suicide Numbers

SF Gate reports "More than 120 veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq commit suicide every week..."

That's four times the total military fatalities each year, and forty times the total number of military suicides in 2006, which was a total of 155. Suicides in the military have actually dropped under Bush.


Chinese Attack Global Internet Media

The Chinese terrorist group "Revenge of the Flame" has been hacking various western media. Spearheaded by a website called "", the effort has hit CNN the hardest, with 100MB/S in bandwidth taken away and bringing down the site for many on Sunday. Other media hacked have included Sports Network Web.

Meanwhile, anti-CNN posted the home address and contact info of a Tibetan protester in Utah. The man has been in hiding after death threats and harassment.

Chinese are also spreading malware in fake advertisements that say "Free Tibet."


AP Omits Context of Anti-Immigration Censure

Colo. lawmaker removed from podium over Mexicans remark

(AP)- "A Colorado legislator known for kicking a photographer was ordered to leave the podium of the state House of Representatives on Monday because he called Mexican workers "illiterate peasants."
State Rep. Douglas Bruce, who has a history of provoking controversy, made the comment during debate on a bill that would allow the state to help immigrant workers get temporary federal visas.

But what happened before his comment? AP doesn't say. From Bizjournals:

( "...Bruce raised concerns about questions about whether the proposal would bring more Mexican "aliens" to the state to tie up lines at hospital emergency rooms. "My kids are already getting enough education about foreign languages at their school," Bruce said.

At that point, Rep. Kathleen Curry, D-Gunnison, who presided over Monday's House proceedings, asked Bruce to tone down his anti-immigration rhetoric or be asked to leave. [I can't find a sound clip anywhere, but more or less she said 'Don't talk about immigration.' Bruce then responded "Are you kicking me out?" and Democrat Curry said more or less 'No, but don't talk about immigration']

But Bruce continued to query Looper about the bill. When Looper asked Bruce if he had actually read the legislation, the lawmaker replied: "I've read it twice," he said. "And the more I read it the more I don't like it...

In context, Bruce's comments were a response to contempt for free speech when he brings up concerns about illegal leaches on public schools and hospitals, a sarcastic quip of exasperation.

***Also note the yahoo link title: "Lawmaker kicks photographer." What does that have to do with anything? Unless of course AP's article is just a smear piece.

Colorado's Gazette is headlining "Bruce calls farmworkers 'illiterate peasants'."

Media Ignores China's Influence on Nepal

BBC reports that a top pro-monarchy politician was assassinated in Nepal.

Nepal has said they will shoot into peaceful pro-Tibetan protesters, Tianenman Square style.

And lest we forget, Chinese troops have been violently squashing peaceful protests in Nepal for many weeks. I've also seen caucasian females among violent Nepali police. When the Chinese propaganda machine slams western media for mistakingly calling Nepalese troops Chinese, why won't our media report these facts?

As for the current elections, how in the world can that not be rigged? Yesterday Maoists were murdering people in their houses and carrying their children into the mountains and today they greet them as freedom fighters?

Operation Chaos? Just Ignore Them

After Republicans got stuck with liberal John McCain, Rush Limbaugh and gang unleashed "Operation Choas." Republicans are switching to Democrats in droves explicitly for the purpose of riling up the Democrat contest. Hillary is very much on her last leg, and the longer she stays in the more Democrats tear each other up.

In Pennsylvania, Political noticed that "more than 178,000 voters have changed their party status since January" with "217,000 new voters," most of them going to Democrats. Politico thinks Republicans are simply changing their mind, but what's really going on?


Sick of Tibet yet? Just one essay...

China's War of Terror: 2008 Olympics

There is no weapon more powerful than ignorance. It is a self-defeating power. Sure, you say, we have enough to worry about in the U.S.: a recessive economy, a quagmire in the Middle East, an incompetent school system, etc. We've successfully ignored Tibet's crisis for decades, so why should it come up now? We've lived with the inhumanity of the Chinese government for so long (the female infanticide, the Tiananmen Square massacre, the quelled peasant uprisings), and Tibet is of no political-economic significance to us, so why politicize the Olympics? Because allowing brutal totalitarian rule and inhumane atrocities to go uncondemned adds to the cloud of fear that is seeping into the new international culture. Evil only prevails when good men do nothing, and so we are contributing to evil if we stand idly by.

Anyone who thinks that the Olympics Games has historically been an oasis from political maneuvering is ignorant of the facts. Each Olympics in history has had explicit political overtones. It has always been a competition between countries to see who is the strongest, richest, most influential. If an athlete wants nothing more than world-class competition s/he can enroll him-/herself in one of the many sport tournaments that are held all over the world, but the moment s/he steps on the world's stage and represents a government it becomes unavoidably political.

Sometimes, however, much more serious issues are brought to the world's attention through the Games. The USA strongly considered boycotting the 1936 Olympic Games in Nazi-controlled Germany due to the openly racist and militant propaganda ordered by Adolph Hitler himself. The USA, Canada, China and several other countries boycotted the 1980 Summer Olympics in protest of the USSR's military occupation and treatment of Afghanistan. The Russians in turn boycotted the 1984 Summer Games and instead organized their own counter-Games. Eight years ago Cathy Freeman was given permission to display the Aboriginal flag as a political protest while running in the ceremonial torch relay to protest their mistreatment.

Such "political" statements are not being tolerated this time around, however. In Paris, London, San Francisco and other places, both local police and elite Chinese guards have personally escorted each and every runner in this year's torch relay, regularly changing routes unannounced and beating back protesters that have attempted to extinguish the torch and unfurl Tibetan flags in protest of China's nearly 50-year history of oppression and human rights violations in that country. It was painful to watch American cops literally throw American torch runner Majora Carter into the gutter, interrupting her run, grabbing away the torch and stealing the Tibetan flag she unfurled. Though her action was identical to Cathy Freeman's she will likely be barred from the games, as will others who dared speak against the host of this year's Games. China and the other local cooperating authorities defend their actions as efforts to keep the Games free of political interferences.

But besides numerous examples of past political influences in the Olympics, it was the International Olympic Committee themselves that brought up China's destructive politics in the first place. Hesitant to offer the Games to China, the IOC made them promise to clean up their human rights record before they were formally announced as the hosts of the 2008 Olympic Games. Now that China's actions have actually gotten worse, the IOC says it isn't an issue, making their obviously politically-motivated solidarity with China clear: They are now declaring that civil disobedience in protest of China is "abusing Democratic freedoms." What happened to the so-called Olympic spirit of world freedom and unity?

Anyone who thinks that our nation's relationship with China has been open and friendly is likewise ignorant. China attacks our national security and interests daily. They now have nuclear submarines that play strategic war-games with our naval ships, subs that they built with libraries of nuclear technology they stole from us. Due to their unfriendly trade regulations, their currency continues to rise as ours deflates. They frequently participate in e-espionage attacking Pentagon computers. They of course condemn our foreign policies in the Middle East, even though the new Iraq's first oil shipment went entirely to China. Politically, militarily, economically, ideologically, China has actively threatened all democratic nations for some time.

Now that China's traditional brutality has progressed to outright genocide of the Tibetan people it's unthinkable anyone would support them. With the great threat to the free world that China represents, why on earth are some American conservatives actually criticizing pro-Tibetan protesters? Follow the money. NBC has invested billions in the Olympics, as have other powerful media groups. In order to end the decades-long ban on international media presence in Tibet (which China did to mask what was really going on there), the Associated Press had to publish dozens of Chinese-approved talking-points (naturally excluding and criticizing any Tibetan perspective) before China granted them exclusive access to report in Tibet. (As soon as the pro-democracy civil-disobedience demonstrations recommenced, however, China quickly ushered them out of the country again.) Coca-Cola, also heavily invested in the Beijing games, had the audacity to say, "It's unfortunate that Ms. Carter used an invitation to participate in the torch relay as a platform to make a personal, political statement." With such strong business opposition to "rocking China's boat," along with fear of China's economic and military power, it is no wonder that our government has remained neutral (if not pro-Chinese) on the issue. You'll be hard pressed to find an op ed in any major media or government organization that condemns China and calls for a free Tibet. This is the scariest aspect of this silent war: our corporations and leaders are already bought by the enemy.

It is only by overstepping the compromised major media channels through certain independent and international media sources and actual video footage of China's actions posted by individuals on sites like YouTube that we can get an unadulterated look at just exactly what China is doing. Despite the mainstream media's silence, exposés that the Tibet riots were an inside job are pervading the internet, with convincing arguments that Chinese agents instigated the violence. China's intolerance for free speech only accelerates this trend as the Chinese people question their brainwashing government. It was Chinese bloggers who first revealed to the world it was really a Chinese agent dressed up as a Tibetan that attacked the disabled Chinese torch carrier, a video clip that the Chinese media widely circulated as proof of Tibetan terrorism.

China's state-run media's tales of Tibetan violence--"monks pouring boiling lime on police," "monks forcing people to loot stores," "monks burning piles of innocent people into skeletons", "monks trained in guerrilla camps entering Tibet's south border to plan bomb attacks", etc.--are an organized attempt to make the peaceful protesting monks of Tibet sound like the desperate, inhumane terrorists of the Middle East with which we have become so familiar. China wants us to see Tibet as another Iraq and feel justified with their brutal strikes against its citizens. For months I've detailed China's ridiculous allegations, which are full of flip-flops, lies, logical fallacies, and emotional propaganda. China is counting on the vast population inside and out of the U.S. that believes that Bush "duped" us into "the wrong war at the wrong time" to believe it hypocritical for us to condemn China for simply stamping out domestic terrorism when we are doing the same thing. No wonder Bush is reticent to act.

China knows that it doesn't really matter if our war is justified and theirs is not. What matters is the appearance of how brutally we crackdown on the terrorists, setting a precedence for others to do so. China is attempting to quell the Tibetan independence uprising while at the same time discrediting the United States' anti-terrorist actions by kicking all journalists out of Tibet but their own so that they can lie about the situation and then criticizing anyone who reports whatever they don't like, calling their reports baseless. Then they slaughter hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent monks and their brainwashed people cheer on their war on "terrorism," while they slam western media for cropping an image in a way they don't like.

The atrocities of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia were destructive to humanity is so many ways. In addition to the millions of lives that were lost in wars and executions, the fact that derivitive white supremacy, ethnic cleansing and oppressive communist governments still continue is proof that their totalitarian-communist philosophies continue to haunt and hurt the world. Countries today like Iran and North Vietnam that continue the legacy of Nazi Germany and Bolshevik Russia have been referred to as the "axis of evil" for their current (as well as threatened) oppressive actions. But they are nothing compared to China. China's "People's" government was the true evil empire from the very beginning when Mao killed over 20 million of his own people and offered 10 million of his women like cattle to Henry Kissinger so that their babies would not be his problem. China's government continues to oppress its billions by keeping all but its party members in poverty and encouraging the slaughter of untold millions of unborn girls in order to raise workers/soldiers. They are the greatest enemies of democracy in the world by far, menacing over the freedom of Hong Kong, murdering patriots in Tibet, harvesting organs from innocent Falon Gong members, killing Vietnamese fisherman and threatening Taiwan. (We can never know the true extent of their evil because so much has been censored.) Their own news agency has stated their reasons for wanting control of Tibet:

Tibet is of strategic import to China not only for its geographical location astride the border with India, Washington's newest anti-China ally in Asia. Tibet is also a treasure of minerals and also oil. Tibet contains some of the world's largest uranium and borax deposits, one half of the world's lithium, the largest copper deposits in Asia, enormous iron deposits, and over 80,000 gold mines. Tibet has large timber reserve. Tibet also contains some of the largest oil reserves in the region.

On the Tibet Autonomous Region's border along the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is also a vast oil and mineral region in the Qaidam Basin, known as a "treasure basin." The Basin has 57 different types of mineral resources with proven reserves including petroleum, natural gas, coal, crude salt, potassium, magnesium, lead, zinc and gold. These mineral resources have a potential economic value of 15 trillion yuan or US$1.8 trillion. Proven reserves of potassium, lithium and crude salt in the basin are the biggest in China. And situated as it is, on the "roof of the world," Tibet is perhaps the world's most valuable water source. Tibet is the source of seven of Asia's greatest rivers which provide water for 2 billion people. He who controls Tibet's water has a mighty powerful geopolitical lever over all Asia.

Source: Chinay Daily

Michael Moore said the American war on terrorism was really just a campaign to instill fear into the American people in order to extend more control over them. Whether or not that is true, clearly that's the name of the game for China: fear all around. Their war with us is a war <i>of</i> terror, and our leaders are terrified. China holds so many of our interests, so much of our economy, and has their hands in so many of our pockets. It seems that there is little individuals can do in such a vast power-play. What will it take before you or I boycott anything made in China? Would it even make a difference?

Just as when USSR oppressed Poland, East Germany and the rest of Eastern Europe, it is our moral duty as the most powerful free nation in the world to again stand as defenders of democracy. China's genocide in Tibet and surrounding Muslim areas, and their war of words against our western media is just the next step in their power-play. In our age of progress to greater democracy and individual ethical responsibilities a global dictatorship must not be tolerated. It's clear that our government won't give us another Reagan any time soon to tear down China's great walls. We have the "straight-lies express" and the empty "hope and change" suit. But we the people of the United States and of the world have what no one had in Reagan's day. And this is the reason why Tibet isn't just another hushed-up Tianenman Square. It's the digital age and our voices count. We the people have the power to find out what is really going on and to organize powerful protests to shake up the powers that be. Though our government may be hesitant to take a stand now, they cannot remain inactive when the majority of the people demand something to be done. Already a coalition ranging from independent conservative Michael Savage to liberal democrat Barack Obama is demanding that China stop their oppression of Tibet. A republic is a government in which the leaders act according to the will of the people. Though China's claim to be a "People's Republic" is obviously false, ours is not. We have the power to change things for the better.

China promised to clean up their human rights record in exchange for hosting the games but it has only gotten worse. The sympathetic government agencies' and International Olympic Committee's Gestapo scare tactics against those who oppose them have made it clear that the Games are nothing more than a coming out party for China's rise to international power. Just like China's population has done for decades, we are supposed to fall in line and cheer the ushering in of the evil empire. However, I do not believe that the true Olympic spirit lies in remaining neutral and letting China have its brutal way with Tibet. The modern Olympic logo consists of five interlocking colored rings, representing the freedom and unity all people of the five continents, over a white field representing the world. The Olympics represent peace and brotherhood, the ability to come as equals and participate in healthy competition. I believe that the true Olympic spirit lies in the few who risk their careers and even lives to stand up for humanity. It lies with those monks who dare peacefully protest for their God-given rights and get tortured and killed as a result. It lies with all people around the world who show their support for Tibet and make it clear to their leaders that this must not be tolerated. Once the United States stands up and protects the pro-Tibetan cause, we will be able to regain our status as champions human rights, putting human lives before dollars and yen, and Chinese people will be able to start breaking loose of their oppressing, brainwashing government. For ourselves and the world community, we will finally be able to break free of the strong distrust and criticism of our government's post-911 anti-terrorism wars and activity. Terrorism in all of its forms must be opposed.



China threatens to Topple US Economy, 'US has declared war over Tibet'

This Chinese government-run article starts with heightened conspiracy-theory rhetoric against the United States, blatantly calls Bush's meeting with the Dalai Lama a declaration of war, calls modern communication technology weapons of war, and ends with a threat to topple the US economy. And our media and government are completely silent.

Why Washington plays 'Tibet Roulette' with China

(China Daily)- "Washington has obviously decided on an ultra-high risk geopolitical game with Beijing's by fanning the flames of violence in Tibet... It's part of an escalating strategy of destabilization of China which has been initiated by the Bush Administration over the past months... The current Tibet operation got the green light in October last year when George Bush agreed to meet the Dalai Lama...

The background actors in the Tibet actions confirm that Washington has been working overtime in recent months to prepare another of its infamous Color Revolutions, these fanning public protests designed to inflict maximum embarrassment on Beijing. The actors on the ground in and outside Tibet are the usual suspects, tied to the US State Department, including the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the CIA's Freedom House through its chairman, Bette Bao Lord and her role in the International Committee for Tibet, as well as the Trace Foundation financed by the wealth of George Soros through his daughter, Andrea Soros Colombel...

In the West the image of the Dalai Lama has been so promoted that in many circles he is deemed almost a God... The Dalai Lama travels in what can only be called rather conservative political circles. What is generally forgotten today is that during the 1930's the Nazis including Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler and other top Nazi Party leaders regarded Tibet as the holy site of the survivors of the lost Atlantis, and the origin of the "Nordic pure race."...

The US-based American Society for a Free Asia, a CIA front, publicized the cause of Tibetan resistance, with the Dalai Lama's eldest brother, Thubtan Norbu, playing an active role in the group. The Dalai Lama's second-eldest brother, Gyalo Thondup, established an intelligence operation with the CIA in 1951. It was later upgraded into a CIA-trained guerrilla unit whose recruits parachuted back into Tibet...

He continues to receive millions of dollars in backing today, not from the CIA but from a more innocuous-sounding CIA front organization, funded by the US Congress, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The NED has been instrumental in every US-backed Color Revolution destabilization from Serbia to Georgia to Ukraine to Myanmar. Its funds go to back opposition media and global public relations campaigns to popularize their pet opposition candidates. As in the other recent Color Revolutions, the US Government is fanning the flames of destabilization against China by funding opposition protest organizations inside and outside Tibet through its arm, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)... The most prominent pro-Dalai Lama Tibet independence organization today is the International Campaign for Tibet, founded in Washington in 1988. Since at least 1994 the ICT has been receiving funds from the NED... In short, US State Department and US intelligence community finger prints are all over the upsurge around the Free Tibet movement and the attacks of March."...

Tibet is of strategic import to China not only for its geographical location astride the border with India, Washington's newest anti-China ally in Asia. Tibet is also a treasure of minerals and also oil. Tibet contains some of the world's largest uranium and borax deposits, one half of the world's lithium, the largest copper deposits in Asia, enormous iron deposits, and over 80,000 gold mines. Tibet has large timber reserve. Tibet also contains some of the largest oil reserves in the region.

On the Tibet Autonomous Region's border along the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is also a vast oil and mineral region in the Qaidam Basin, known as a "treasure basin." The Basin has 57 different types of mineral resources with proven reserves including petroleum, natural gas, coal, crude salt, potassium, magnesium, lead, zinc and gold. These mineral resources have a potential economic value of 15 trillion yuan or US$1.8 trillion. Proven reserves of potassium, lithium and crude salt in the basin are the biggest in China. And situated as it is, on the "roof of the world," Tibet is perhaps the world's most valuable water source. Tibet is the source of seven of Asia's greatest rivers which provide water for 2 billion people." He who controls Tibet's water has a mighty powerful geopolitical lever over all Asia. But the prime interest of Tibet for Washington today is its potential to act as a lever to destabilize and blackmail the Beijing Government.

Washington's 'nonviolence as a form of warfare'

The events in Tibet since March 10 have been played in Western media with little regard to accuracy or independent cross-checking. Most of the pictures blown up in European and US newspapers and TV have not even been of Chinese military oppression of Tibetan lamas or monks...

The western media complicity simply further underlies that the actions around Tibet are part of a well-orchestrated destabilization effort on the part of Washington. What few people realize is that the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) was also instrumental, along with Gene Sharp's misnamed Albert Einstein Institution through Colonel Robert Helvey, in the incident at Tiananmen Square in June 1989. The Albert Einstein Institution, as it describes itself, specializes in "nonviolence as a form of warfare."

Colonel Helvey was formerly with the Defense Intelligence Agency stationed in Myanmar. Helvey trained in Hong Kong the student leaders from Beijing in mass demonstration techniques which they were to use in the Tiananmen Square incident of June 1989. He is now believed acting as an adviser to the Falun Gong in similar civil disobedience techniques...

With the emergence of the Internet and mobile telephone use, the US Pentagon has refined an entirely new form of regime change and political destabilization... This parallel should not be surprising since the US military and National Security Agency subsidized the development of the Internet, cellular phones, and software platforms. From their inception, these technologies were studied and experimented with in order to find the optimal use in a new kind of warfare. The "revolution" in warfare that such new instruments permit has been pushed to the extreme by several specialists in psychological warfare... Washington policy has used and refined these techniques of "revolutionary nonviolence," and NED operations embodied a series of 'democratic' or soft coup projects as part of a larger strategy which would strategically cut China off from access to its vital external oil and gas reserves....

The destabilization attempt by Washington using Tibet, no doubt with quiet "help" from its friends in British and other pro-NATO intelligence services, is part of a clear pattern... It includes the ongoing effort to get NATO troops into Darfur to block China's access to strategically vital oil resources there and elsewhere in Africa... It's about global hegemony, not democracy...

It is significant that the US Administration sends Wall Street banker, former Goldman Sachs chairman, Henry Paulson to Beijing in the midst of its efforts to embarrass Beijing in Tibet. Washington is literally playing with fire. China long ago surpassed Japan as the world's largest holder of foreign currency reserves, now in the range of $1.5 trillions, most of which are invested in US Treasury debt instruments. Paulson knows well that were Beijing to decide it could bring the dollar to its knees by selling only a small portion of its US debt on the market.


NYT: 9/11 "Attack on America" is Jingoism

Get Me Rewrite: A New Monument to Press Freedom

(NYT)- "How many mediocre buildings can one city absorb?... Rising on a prominent site along Pennsylvania Avenue, [the Newsome building] joins a spate of new memorials and museums that have been reshaping the historic center of Washington during the current Bush administration.

Despite its lofty tone, the design reeks of parochialism, not bold ideas... If the building reveals anything about the state of journalism today, it conveys the industry’s anxieties over the shrinking attention span of the average American...

But here the journey is freighted with artifice... Visitors step past a fragment of the Berlin Wall and then ride a glass elevator alongside a menacing guard tower. On the top floor they are confronted with part of a rusted, mangled broadcast antenna from the World Trade Center, part of the exhibition “Attack on America.”

The juxtaposition is startling, but also borders precariously on jingoism. The suggestion is that the values of a free press and a free market are one and the same. This sentiment is made explicit in an exhibit of a map of the world in which countries are color-coded according to their level of press freedom. America is green; Russia and China, red.

Nicolai Ouroussoff completely missed the point, and while he's an accomplished critic, it's clear he is clueless in this modern communication age. Wars are fought with words today, and so it's completely appropriate that a map of press freedom accompany an exhibit on terrorist attacks. And to call this jingoistic is just ridiculous.

China Continues Attack on Dissenting World Media

China demands that CNN apologize because one of its commentators called the government "goons."

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said, "We are shocked at and strongly condemn the evil attack by the CNN anchor on the Chinese people... Cafferty used the microphone in his hand to slander China and the Chinese people, and seriously violated reporting ethics... We solemnly demand that CNN and Cafferty retract their evil words and apologize to the whole Chinese people."

The commentator only spoke the truth however. As he said, Chinese products have had lead paint and poisoned pet food, and their Olympic torch guards are goons. Cafferty's comments:

He said nothing about the Chinese people. Pro-pa-gan-da


AP's Question to Obama

CNN has the video of Obama speaking at AP's forum. Their question to him was "Can a Democrat talk about guns, God, and immigration without getting in trouble?"

Gee, don't pull any punches guys!

AP: Military "Artillery" kills girl's cat

Misfired artillery crashes into girl's bed

(AP)..."No people were injured when the two-pound piece hit the Jefferson Township home about two-and-a- half miles from the Picatinny Arsenal and landed in the girl's bed, said Peter Rowland, arsenal spokesman... it wasn't immediately clear what type of artillery hit the home."

Two pounds is quite a large round, but artillery doesn't mean the same thing as ammunition last I checked. Artillery means it was from a mounted weapon.

AP: Mortgage payments worry many

AP poll: Mortgage payments worry many

Um, is this ever not true? Most people I know are usually worried when they are in debt. Well the article makes the point that less people can make their payments and less are buying homes. But their poll also found 59% "think it's a good time to buy" property, and the people worrying are the ones who are buying. In other words, less people are worrying about mortgage payments except the majority, who are optimistic about the market.


China Staged the Attack on Wheelchair Torch-Bearer

Am I having an effect on the conservative blogosphere?

They didn't care much before but today I see two stories on hotair about China's crackdown. Here's one of them, quoting

( "This one picture came to symbolize the heartless violence of the Tibetan protesters, thus justifying, in many people's minds, the paramilitary troops that China sent to harass, beat, and brutalize the protesters in other countries -- from France and London to the United States to South America:

Violent protester attacks wheelchair-bound torch bearer.

Note especially the bandana this vicious thug wears; it's clearly the Tibetan flag... Rather like the infamous Mohammed al-Durrah photograph, used by the Palestinians to turn the world against Israel by claiming they shot a young boy, this photograph began to turn the world against the victims of Red China's brutal occupation and subsequent attempt at slow genocide.

But wait; that's an odd comparison to make, isn't it? For the al-Durrah footage is now known to be a fake; careful investigation has shown that the Israelis could not possibly have shot the child from the positions they occupied. He had to have been shot by Palestinians -- if he were shot at all. So the video footage is infamous mostly because it is a clumsy fake, one of the first instances of "Pallywood." Surely that can't be case with this photo of the Tibetan protester and the lady in the wheelchair...

China has not broadcast any images to the Chinese people of what they are doing in Tibet; but according to Mr. Ching, the Communists did broadcast the image of that wheelchair-bound woman being attacked by a Tibetan protester. A number of Chinese bloggers (in China) were outraged by the attack; they started to look into the identity of the attacker. In the course of their investigation, they found something shocking...

They stumbled across some other photographs: pictures of the attacker, clearly that same Tibetan protester (still wearing his Tibetan-flag bandana), arriving earlier for the festivities -- and marching in the company of a number of Chinese carrying Chinese flags:

Also note the similarity between this attacker and the famous knife attacker in the Lhasa riot, whom I've already shown is a Chinese police agent:

Clinton Tied to Chinese Crackdown on Dissent

We can guess that China's holding the puppet strings for most or possibly all our leaders. Well now we know at least Hillary is one of them.

(LA Times)- "As Chinese authorities have clamped down on unrest in Tibet and jailed dissidents in advance of the 2008 Olympics, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has taken a strong public stance, calling for restraint in Tibet and urging President Bush to boycott the Olympics opening ceremonies in Beijing...

Last month, the firm, Alibaba Inc., carried a government-issued "most wanted" posting on its Yahoo China homepage, urging viewers to provide information on Tibetan activists suspected of stirring recent riots.

Alibaba, which took over Yahoo's China operation in 2005 as part of a billion-dollar deal with the U.S.-based search engine, arranged for the former president to speak to a conference of Internet executives in Hangzhou in September 2005. Instead of taking his standard speaking fees, which have ranged from $100,000 to $400,000, Clinton accepted an unspecified private donation from Alibaba to his international charity, the William J. Clinton Foundation.

The former president's charity has raised more than $500 million over the last decade and has been lauded for its roles in disaster response, AIDS prevention and Third World medical and poverty relief. But his reliance on influential foreign donors and his foundation's refusal to release its list of donors have led to repeated questions about the sources and transparency of his fundraising -- even as Hillary Clinton has talked on the campaign trail about relying on him as a roving international ambassador if she is elected president.


AP Nit-Picks in Continued Hillary Bash over Bosnia

For weeks, AP has been railing on Hillary Clinton over her "hogwash" Bosnia tale of sniper fire, likening it to Gore's inventing the internet. AP has a history of harping on apparent hyperboles from candidates they don't like. Here's the latest:

Clinton misstates wife's Bosnia tale

"A lot of the way this whole campaign has been covered has amused me," Bill Clinton said... The president of Bosnia and Gen. Wesley Clark — who was there making peace where we'd lost three peacekeepers who had to ride on a dangerous mountain road because it was too dangerous to go the regular, safe way — both defended her because they pointed out that when her plane landed in Bosnia, she had to go up to the bulletproof part of the plane, in the front. Everybody else had to put their flak jackets underneath the seat in case they got shot at. And everywhere they went they were covered by Apache helicopters. So they just abbreviated the arrival ceremony...

Bill Clinton has many of the facts wrong.
His wife didn't make the sniper fire claim "one time late at night when she was exhausted."...
It's also not true that she "immediately apologized for it."...
It's also not true that she was the "first first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt to go into a combat zone"...
The trip also was not in 1995, but 1996.

AP's "expose of falsehoods" is all nit-picking. Bill's an old man, he's going to mess up those little details, much like McCain forgets who's the president of Germany. The point is, Hillary flew into a dangerous place to personally oversee our military operations, which gave her foreign policy experience that Obama doesn't have.


AP Photographer Still in US Custody

"U.S. authorities have said a U.N. Security Council mandate allows them to retain custody of a detainee they believe is a security risk even if an Iraqi judicial body has ordered that prisoner freed."

Torch Bearer Expelled Mid-Run For Holding Tibet Flag

And brutalized. Here's the video as she quickly gets tossed from her run and had her flag stolen by American police and the Chinese sports thugs who also took part in beating down Tibetans:

But this guy gets away with it, I guess because he's in a wheelchair:

Not exactly the rosy pro-Chinese sob story we get from our media. And in case you think this was the Olympic Committee's doing: "At the Sydney Games in 2000 Olympic chiefs allowed Cathy Freeman to use the Aboriginal flag to highlight the plight of the Stolen Generation after she won a gold medal in the 400 metres."


The San Francisco Protest

AP's article has been fine, except they headline this one photo:

Nevermind Pro-Chinese protesters physically beating Tibetans. Another AP photo shows a little of this:

Photos property of AP published here and used under fair-use copyright rules for purpose of critiquing AP's journalism.
Or the bus that drove over dozens of people.

AP Photographer Granted Amnesty

Doesn't mean he wasn't guilty. Apparently, US still insists on holding him.

AP photographer granted Iraqi amnesty

(AP)- "A decision by a four-judge panel said Hussein’s case falls under a new amnesty law. It ordered Iraqi courts to “cease legal proceedings” and ruled that Hussein should be “immediately” released unless other accusations are pending…

In February, however, parliament approved a law providing amnesty to those held for insurgency-related offenses — including detainees such as Hussein who have never been convicted.


"Tibet's Riot was Staged"

I looked at raw footage of the riot and found undercover camera-men colluding with rioters and even taking part, and rioters putting on police gear. I also disproved Chinese excuses for this photo of soldiers putting on Buddhist robes.

It's About Time

AP finally quotes protesters rather than Chinese officials in a Tibet related story. And guess what the conclusion is: China is politicizing the Olympics, not the Dalai Lama.

AP reports that China's olympic torch police acted brutally at the relays, but what they don't report is that these are the same guys who brutalized Tibetans. According to screenshots of raw Tibet riot footage, they actually took part in the riots. Compare:

It's hard to see the logo on the back of that guy's jacket but it looks a lot like the Olympics logo:


"Spinning the Lhasa Riots"

In this video I detail how China has focused the world's media on the single protest in Tibet that was violent, and how China strong-arms western media to report only their talking points.


"The Dalai Lama is a Terrorist"

Here's the second in my ongoing series on the Chinese media. This is better than the last one, I promise, the narrator is a real voice.


AP Reports Chelsea's Revision of Kyoto Treaty

Chelsea Clinton Criticizes Bush in N.C.

(AP)..."I think the world will breathe a sigh of relief when this president is gone," Clinton said, criticizing Bush for pulling out of various accordings[sic], including the Kyoto Protocol on global warming.span>

Actually Bush never pulled out, he simply didn't go in. And this was his legal obligation, as Congress dictated back in 1997 that the United States should not be a signatory to any protocol that did not include binding targets and timetables for developing as well as industrialized nations or "would result in serious harm to the economy of the United States". (Resolution 98)


CNN Quickly Axes Tibet Poll

RConversiation noticed that CNN replaced a poll asking if we should boycott the Olympics in China. Apparently, communist government-run blogs like got lots of Chinese to spike the vote.

I'm busy on a full video to expose Chinese media bias, so please be patient!