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AP Changes Story to be less Accusative of Chinese "Defenders of the Torch"

At first, AP admitted that Chinese mobs were violent aggressors, at 10 A.M:

(AP)..."Hundreds of China supporters waving the Chinese flag greeted the torch, throwing rocks at anti-Beijing demonstrators... Scuffles broke out near the park between a group of 500 Chinese supporters and about 50 demonstrators. The Chinese side threw stones and water bottles at the others... A rock hit a journalist in the head, but there were apparently no other injuries."

AP changed the story to tell of vague clashes between sides, punches traded between sinister disruptors and the defenders of the torch, until the twelfth paragraph where they hint outnumbering Chinese were the actual aggressors. But that was after they noted an anti-Olympic demonstrator lit himself on fire and two others tried to storm the procession in order to disrupt the event. AP repeats rhetoric on how numerous the Chinese were, and then omits the fact that a journalist was injured with a bottle from Chinese rioters.

Clashes break out at Olympic torch relay in South Korea

(AP)- "Chinese students clashed with anti-Beijing demonstrators at the Olympic torch relay Sunday in Seoul, throwing rocks and punches at the latest stop on the flame's troubled round-the-world journey. A North Korean defector tried to set himself on fire to halt the relay, where thousands of police guarded the flame from protesters blasting China's treatment of North Korean refugees. But the small groups of anti-China demonstrators were far outnumbered by seas of red-clad Chinese supporters who waved red national flags as they took to the streets of the South Korean capital to defend the torch. [Defend the torch, or defend China?]

China's crackdown on violent protests against Chinese rule in Tibet has triggered attempts to disrupt the torch run... Two other demonstrators tried to storm the torch but failed to hinder its 15-mile trip... Police said five people, including a Chinese student, were arrested. Scuffles broke out near the relay start between a group of 500 Chinese supporters and about 50 demonstrators criticizing Beijing who carried a banner that read: "Free North Korean refugees in China." The students threw stones and water bottles...[Actually, only the Chinese students were violent]

One Chinese student swatted at the demonstrators with a flagpole. Another student was arrested for allegedly throwing rocks... "The Olympics are not a political issue," said Sun Cheng, 22, a Chinese student studying the Korean language in Seoul. "I can't understand why the Korean activist groups are protesting human rights or other diplomatic issues." Thousands of Chinese paced the torch on the 4 1/2-hour-long relay, some chanting, "Go China, go Olympics!"[Am I the only one who sees hypocricy here?] The torch arrived in Seoul from Japan, where Chinese supporters also outnumbered protesters who failed to disrupt the run. [Thank you, you "brave defenders of the torch!"]

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