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AP Doesn't Even Try to Hide It Anymore

Republicans preparing 'liberal' attacks for Obama ('s headline)

(AP)-"Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama promises to bridge the ideological divide between Red states and Blue states, bringing Republicans and independents into a post-partisan coalition. Republicans plan to paint Obama as a liberal who is out of step with mainstream Americans on abortion, crime and health care, the same label used against failed Democratic candidates George McGovern and John Kerry.

Conservatives claim Obama's positions place him out of sync with most Americans. They point to the National Journal's 2007 rating of him as the most liberal senator... Karl Frisch, spokesman for Media Matters for America, a Washington-based media watchdog organization, criticized the rating, saying it is ``remarkably misleading'' to count Obama votes such as those he cast in favor of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations and ethics overhaul as ``liberal.''...

The assault has begun. The North Carolina Republican Party is running a television ad that brands him as ``too extreme'' by linking him to his former pastor. Obama yesterday denounced ``ridiculous'' comments by Reverend Jeremiah Wright"

This whole piece is an apology and spin: quotes of attacks by Republicans and responses from Obama's point of view- opinions and half-truths. And amazingly, AP quotes radical liberal "Media Matters" as the middle-man who gives a supposedly un-biased, educated opinion.

As for the guilt by association with his pastor, Obama once said he relies on Mr. Wright to ensure “that I am speaking as truthfully about what I believe." as possible.” You won't see AP report that.

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