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AP: Electoral Map in Democrats Favor

AP refers to the 2004 elections as evidence that the electoral map favors Democrats. But didn't a Republican win 2004? How does that work? Well AP also notes that McCain talks like a defeatist, which I'll admit he does, it's almost like he wants to lose. And, oh yea, people think Republicans are on the wrong track. There you go, electoral map in Democrats favor.

Electoral map favors a Democrat, has McCain playing defense

(AP)- "The electoral road to the White House favors Democrats this fall — either Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton — and has Republican John McCain playing defense to thwart a presidential power shift. A downtrodden economy, the war in Iraq and a public call for change have created an Electoral College outlook and a political environment filled with extraordinary opportunity for the Democrats and enormous challenge for the GOP nominee-in-waiting...

"This is going to be a tough campaign. I have no illusions how hard we have to work to win," McCain says, a sobering assessment of a Republican's chances when most voters say the country is on the wrong track under a GOP president. Conversely, Democrats exude confidence that Nov. 4 will break their way...

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