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AP Omits Criticism of China's Life Sentences

AP parrots China's false talking points, that Buddhists started the Lhasa riots and Tibetans propagated violent. AP reports that China "defended the judicial process" that led to life sentences for alleged Tibetan rioters recently. What they don't report is whom China is defending against.

Human Rights Watch condemned the clown court, claiming it violated international standards of due process. Of course the UN is silent. AP reported the trial was a one-day proceeding which was open to the public. The sentences were handed out in a single day of trial, but the actual proceedings have been held in secret for some time now. Human Rights Watch points out several flaws:

(Human Rights Watch) "A consistent failure to establish a distinction between peaceful and violent protesters; statements by the Procuratorate (the Public Prosecution) at the time of the suspected protesters’ arrest that assumed their guilt rather than their innocence; and secret trial proceedings. On March 17, Zhang Qinli, the TAR Communist Party secretary, urged that there be “quick arrests, quick hearings, and quick sentencings” of the people involved in the protests, virtually a political directive to circumvent guarantees for a fair and impartial legal process. In addition, these 30 Tibetans may have been denied their right to their own counsel. All the lawyers who had publicly offered to defend Tibetan protesters were forced to withdraw their assistance after judicial authorities in Beijing threatened to discipline them and suspend their professional licenses."

AP doesn't report this. AP reports "pro-Tibetan supporters outside China protested against the Olympic torch relay at several stops around the world, resulting in massive disruptions and clashes with pro-China groups in some cities." This is FALSE and I'm frickin sick of hearing it! Chinese instigated the clashes. Who do you think is politicizing the Olympics here, protesting about China's unity?:

AP also reports "Beijing has also moved to tamp down tensions diplomatically. The government announced last week that it would be willing to begin talks with representatives to the Dalai Lama..." But AP doesn't mention that China has concurrently stepped up propaganda campaigns and ridiculous conspiracy theories that demonize the Dalai Lama.

Is there any doubt our media is bought and paid for by genocidist China?

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