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AP Spin: "Bush Lies About Energy"

In this ridiculous attack, AP can't back up their accusation that Bush is lying and being political. AP ignores facts that indicate Congress is behind the recent spike in oil prices. Just look at the time-line (link:Gateway Pundit):

Bush rhetoric on energy strays from the facts

(AP)-"President Bush put politics ahead of the facts Tuesday as he sought to blame Congress for high energy prices... Asked what he is doing to try to get Saudi Arabia to pump more oil, Bush didn't answer directly. "We've got to understand there's not a lot of excess capacity in the world right now," he said. Blaming "the lack of refinery capacity" for high energy prices, he said Congress has rejected his proposal to use shuttered military bases for refinery sites...

[AP remarks that Saudi Arabia has lowered its output in recent years when they actually could produce more. That's the only spin they could really find there. AP doesn't admit that "Congress has repeatedly blocked efforts to expand capacity and build more refineries." Senator Craig noted that other countries are actually drilling OUR oil off OUR shores: "China is actively exploring oil fields 50 miles from Key West, Florida. U.S. companies are barred from working in this area because of U.S. policy . So, instead of allowing the most environmentally responsible companies to operate there and increase our domestic supply, China, who has a dismal environmental record, is sucking close, lucrative oil reserves dry."]

"If Congress is interested, they can send the right signal by saying we are going to explore for oil and gas in U.S. territories, starting with ANWR," said Bush, adding that opening the Alaska refuge to oil companies "likely will mean lower gas prices."...

[AP says prices won't be affected, but they will be affected. Just a tiny bit, but they'll still be affected]

Bush said "it is in our national interest" to continue pumping oil into the government's Strategic Petroleum Reserve — about 70,000 barrels a day — "in case there is a major disruption of crude oil around the world."

[AP thinks it isn't needed. No quotes to back them up]

The president said Congress was "demanding emissions cuts that would shut down coal plants" and criticized lawmakers for hindering the expansion of nuclear power.

[AP can't find any falsehood here]

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