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China's First Terrorist Attack?

The crash occured exactly 3 months before the Olympic Village is to open in Qingdao. Of course China says it was "human error" that led to a train collision that killed 70 people yesterday. The train was traveling from Beijing, host of the Olympics, to Qingdao, part of the Olympic Village and where the sailing competition is to take place. We know the head of China's sailing team was seriously injured in the crash, but the identities of the dead haven't been released. Were other members of China's sailing team on that train, and were they the target of a terrorist attack? Is it coincidence that Qingdao will open as host to Olympic attendees in exactly 3 months? Why did China announce today that there will be extra "tests" before the Olympic village opens, to ensure safety?

China has advertised this train as the route for Olympic attendees to get to Qingdao, and Qingdao will host the Olympic torch in a July ceremony. Also consider how quickly Chinese troops reacted to the crash.

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