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IOC: Shutup About China

The IOC already said civil disobedience is "abuse of democratic freedom." Now they are saying people should just shutup altogether. And our media is completely ignoring it.

Rogge tells West: Be fair with China

(China Daily)- "You don't obtain anything in China with a loud voice," Rogge told Saturday's Financial Times. "That is the big mistake of people in the West wanting to add their views." "It took us 200 years to evolve from the French Revolution. China started in 1949," Rogge added, noting that was a time when Britain and other European nations were also colonial powers, "with all the abuse attached to colonial powers". "It was only 40 years ago that we gave liberty to the colonies. Let's be a little bit more modest."

Rogge said the IOC always believed awarding the 2008 Games to Beijing would "open up China", and that in time, this would happen. "The Games we believe, over time, will have a good influence on social evolution in China, and the Chinese admit it themselves," he said... He noted that Beijing has made progress in two policy areas - a media law providing 25,000 foreign media access during the Games, and environmental measures to tackle the city's chronic pollution problems.

Rogge said China had given significant ground to the IOC by opening access to foreign media for the Olympics, which he expected to be extended beyond 2008 and believed would be a key factor in the social evolution of the country.

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