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McCain Supports 'Media Shield Law'

As he postures to win over journalists, McCain announced at the AP forum that he supports a proposed law that would allow the media to regularly meet with and quote terrorists without being investigated. Some do this already, but this law would allow all "journalists" to do this "regularly," with pretty much anyone, without investigation. The ill-defined terms "journalist" and "regularly" theoretically protect Al Jazeera or even Al Qaeda's media-arm inside the USA.

It's ironic that liberals and McCain support this bill, considering their position in the Plame-gate. In that case they wanted journalists to divulge their sources "in the interest of national security." And millions of dollars was wasted.

McCain said, "It is, frankly, a license to do harm, perhaps serious harm. But it also is a license to do good; to disclose injustice and unlawfulness and inequities; and to encourage their swift correction... But I trust in your integrity and patriotism that those occasions won’t be so numerous that I will, in fact, deeply regret my decision.”

The ALCU, "Hussein" Obama, and Hillary Clinton also support this law. It creates an upper class, a "license" for a special few who get to interact with terrorists. According to McCain, "integrity" and "patriotism" only exists among the Associated Press and other liberal media upper class.


Tim Wohlford said...

You're right... can someone please tell me exactly what a "journalist" is?

I've got press credentials to major motor sports events... but I've got a "real" job during the week. I don't have a degree in journalism, nor any formal training... am I a journalist?

And, in an era where blogs like this one are blurring the distinction between "journalists" and "pajamahadim", can someone please tell me what a "journalist" will look like in another 5 years?

B-Media said...

Thanks for the comment, Tim. Right now I'm in a university studying design. I have no education or experience in journalism or writing, yet with simple communication tools and a little time I do a better job than many journalists. Remediation toward greater democracy means more multiplous and accessible news flows. It's only natural that companies and our government seeks to hold on to their monopoly over information.