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AP Misstates History, Omits Party Affiliation of Gov. McGreevey

You know Gov. McGreevey, who resigned and ditched his family after admitting to a gay love affair with his staffer. As AP refuses to admit he's a Democrat, they explain the history thus:

(AP)-"McGreevey stepped down during his first term after a nationally televised speech in which he acknowledged being "a gay American" and having an affair with a male staffer. The staffer has denied the affair and said he was sexually harassed by McGreevey."

Actually, McGreevey resigned not because of sex with his male staffer, Golan Cipel, but because he fraternized Cipel. McGreevey made Cipel Councelor to the Governor, even though he was completely unqualified and didn't even have security clearance. McGreevey resigned because of fraternizing, and because Cipel claimed sexual harassment, that it wasn't a love affair but unwanted sexual advances from McGreevey. He claimed he received threats if he dared speak out, and that he wasn't the only one.

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