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AP Mistakingly Calls McCain's Plan "Free-Market"

Glen Johnson, our good friend, is at it again.

McCain urges free-market principles to reduce global warming

(AP)..."McCain's major solution is to implement a cap-and-trade program on carbon-fuel emissions, like a similar program in the Clean Air Act that was used to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions that triggered acid rain.

Industries would be given emission targets, and those coming in under their limit could sell their surplus polluting capacity to companies unable to meet their target."

This imposed cap-and-trade program wouldn't be free market. The fact that more successful companies could "sell" their surplus isn't free market either. This Al-Goresque trading program simply means essentially government fines for those who can't meet the goal and rewards for those who exceed it.

But it's nice of Glen Johnson to try to pretty up McCain's dastardly attack on conservative principles, including his fierce support for the Kyoto protocol scam.

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