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AP Omits Background of Iraq Fraud Accusers

Ex-State officials allege corruption in Iraq

(AP)..."The Bush administration repeatedly ignored corruption at the highest levels within the Iraqi government and kept secret potentially embarrassing information so as not to undermine its relationship with Baghdad, according to two former State Department employees.

Arthur Brennan, who briefly served in Baghdad as head of the department's Office of Accountability and Transparency last year, and James Mattil, who worked as the chief of staff, told Senate Democrats on Monday that their office was understaffed and its warnings and recommendations ignored."

> I can't find any info on James Mattil, the guy seems to have popped up from the middle of no-where. And how "briefly" was his stay in Iraq? A few weeks. But the other guy, Arthur Brennan, is a flaming liberal. While he was previously Superior Court Judge for New Hampshire, he let a child molestor out of jail, and he delayed several lawsuits that would have blocked a Planned Parenthood construction because of zoning restrictions, claiming it was a little "technical legal question."

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