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AP Spin: O'Reilly Show a lot like Daily Show

Study of 'Daily Show': It's a lot like O'Reilly

(AP)- "A journalism think tank studying "The Daily Show" doesn't believe many people get their news from Jon Stewart — because otherwise they wouldn't get the jokes. The Project for Excellence in Journalism also said it was surprised at how much the Comedy Central late-night program resembles "The O'Reilly Factor," "Hardball" and other cable news shows in content."

This study claims Daily Show viewers get their news from other sources before watching that program. The study also remarks that the content of the daily show is a lot like O'Reilly's show. AP takes this to mean that O'Reilly's viewers also get their facts previously from a different source. But the logical conclusion is that the content is similar because the Daily Show is satire of a real news program, like Simpsons or Family Guy often satirizes current events.

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