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AP Takes Greenpeace's Side Against Turkish Fishermen

Turkish tuna fishermen ram boat into Greenpeace ship

(AP)-"Turkish tuna fishermen rammed their boat into a Greenpeace ship Friday and pelted it with lead fishing weights, the environmental group said. No one was injured. The fishing vessel was among several that swarmed the Arctic Sunrise, which was carrying activists campaigning against overfishing in the Mediterranean. The boat rammed the Greenpeace ship at high speed, said Yesim Aslan, a spokeswoman for the group."

AP never gets the fishermens' side of the story, nor does AP explain the context of this event, that Greenpeace has been pressuring Turkey's government with protests and talks to ban some tuna fishing. The fishermen are fighting for their livelihood. AP also doesn't explain that this is part of a broader campaign by Greenpeace to stop tuna fishing around the world. French fishermen have been blockading Greenpeace ships because of pressures against the French government, and Greenpeace ships have even gone so far as to hinder fishing practices by interfering with fishing nets. Maybe Greenpeace also physically attacked in this case. We don't know because AP doesn't report.

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