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Student In USA Life Ruined By Chinese Media After Mediating Mob Violence: US Media Silent

Yet another case of Chinese media ruining the lives of anyone who dares defy their worldwide terrorism and Genocide Games. This time US media refuse to report it.

Chinese student in US targeted after Tibet protest

(NewZealandTV3)- "As pro-China and pro-Tibet protesters clashed at the university, Wong tried to mediate and get the two sides to communicate with each other. Photos that appear to show her siding with the pro-Tibet group surfaced and enraged the Chinese community around the world.

Grace Wong has become the target of an international smear campaign with offensive messages, images and videos of her broadcast over the internet. Her home address and Chinese ID number have been made public in the campaign. Messages calling her a traitor have appeared online and her parents' home in China was vandalised - someone painted the Chinese for "kill everyone in this home" on the house.

China's official television network called her 'the most hideous overseas Chinese student'. Wong was very upset by the attacks and ended up missing a month of classes due to stress.

Also note, this is the same TV station that China Daily erroneously claimed 'defended China from Western media bias.'

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