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AP Denies China's Oil Projects Near Florida

AP, CBS, and the big media are finally reporting this story... turning it into an attack on Republicans. The breaking story is that China has taken steps to drill oil in Cuba territory, only 60 miles off Florida. Democrats had already banned our own companies from drilling this same oil. China has forged the deal with Cuba and leased the property, started exploration, and started up refineries. Here's how AP spins it:

Cheney oil comment attacked

(AP)-"Vice President Dick Cheney's office acknowledged on Thursday that he was mistaken when he asserted that China, at Cuba's behest, is drilling for oil in waters 60 miles from the Florida coast. In a speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Cheney said on Wednesday that waters in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, long off limits to oil companies, should be opened to drilling because China is already there pumping oil... [Actually he said "drilling" not "pumping." And it's true, China is drilling.]

Congressional Democrats pounced on the vice president's remarks and were backed up by independent energy experts, who called the assertion hyperbole at best and a falsehood at worst... Jorge Pinon, a senior energy fellow at the University of Miami... said China's oil company, Sinopac, has conducted exploratory drilling on a lease on land in western Cuba, but is not involved in the offshore development.

But talk of China drilling in waters within 50 miles to 60 miles of Key West has been a common theme among Republicans. They are clamoring to open more of the country's offshore waters to energy development."

So China has "conducted exploratory drilling" but... isn't drilling? And doesn't plan on drilling? Why would they explore if they don't plan on developing? What about the oil refineries they are developing, which AP fails to report on, wouldn't they be considered "development?"

With deceit, AP changed this explosive story of China drilling off American shores, where Democrats banned American companies from drilling, into a conspiracy-theory image of Republicans. And favoring China.

There's more China trickery going on, which AP fails to report on. Apparently Canada's selling their supply of oil to China because USA didn't sign the Kyoto protocol... even though China didn't either. (Nice logic Canada!):

China Emerging as U.S. Rival for Canada's Oil

(NYT)-"Chinese energy companies are on the verge of striking ambitious deals in Canada in efforts to win access to some of the most prized oil reserves in North America... Canada, the largest source of imported oil for the United States, has historically sent almost all its exports of oil south by pipeline to help quench America's thirst for energy...

Mr. Smith said he estimated that Canada could eventually export as many as one million barrels a day to China out of potential exports of more than three million barrels a day... Chinese companies are also said to be considering direct investments in the oil sands, by buying into existing producers or acquiring companies with leases to produce oil in the region. In all, there are nearly half a dozen deals in consideration, initially valued at $2 billion and potentially much more, according to senior executives at energy companies here."

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