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AP Distorts Chinese Rioting Story

At least their reporting it.

(AP)- "The unrest in Weng'an, a town in hilly Guizhou province, stemmed from the death of a high school student, whom Internet chat sites said was raped and murdered. Her body was pulled from a river June 22... As many as 30,000 people rioted Saturday because they were angry about a police report that said the girl drowned"

Actually, the police report said it was a suicide, and bodies with impact wounds and bruises from beatings don't result from suicides. But AP doesn't report that the body appeared badly beaten.

As for internet chat sites inspiring violence, poor Chinese farmers don't tend to post on myspace. BBC reports the family made the allegations, not those evil bloggers. We won't get the whole picture on this of course, and hundreds will be put in brainwashing camps. But cheers to AP for actually reporting some of it.

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