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AP Double-Standard for Political Correctness

Unless you read carefully, you wouldn't even catch that the recently arrested L.A. child-abusers are lesbians.

5-year-old boy suffered 'unbearable' abuse

(AP)-"Brown and her girlfriend ran from the office when a social worker questioned whether the child was really Brown's..."

LA Times mentions that she was a "live-in girlfriend." Now, I'm not complaining that AP only lightly touched on this fact. Such hot-button political correctness issues that often lead to unfair stereotyping shouldn't be a factor, especially when it comes to childrens' safety.

But how did AP handle the FLDS "cult" situation in Texas? Quite differently. All we heard about was the groups' unpopular religion. The children are being returned now, because no one could bring evidence of actual abuse. Instead, all AP gave us was inuendos and stereotypes because of their weird religion. Here's what the Associated Press said in their latest report: Texas sect children reunited with happy parents

(AP)-"Parents awaiting the release of children taken into state custody during a raid of a polygamist group's ranch may need to wait a few days... "Everybody is trying really hard to be patient and considerate," Willie Jessop, an elder with the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...

Willie Jessop said the church has been widely misunderstood and insisted marriages within the church have always been consensual... Judge Barbara Walther's order requires the parents to stay in Texas, to attend parenting classes and to allow the children to be examined as part of any abuse investigation.

But it does not put restrictions on the children's fathers, require the parents to renounce polygamy or force them to leave the Yearning For Zion Ranch run by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a breakaway sect of the Mormon church.

The church has denied any children were abused, and members have said they are being persecuted for their religion, which believes polygamy brings glorification in heaven."

Why was the lesbian issue ignored but the religion issue was pretty much all AP could talk about?

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