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AP Slams New Oil Drilling

Yahoo's headline reads "Democrats reject Bush's call to lift ban on offshore oil drilling," a nice shift of focus on Democrats' attack. AP handles the story unusually, reporting Democrats' reaction first and then reporting Bush's actual comments.

AP reports that Bush's comments are politically motivated, a "pointed attack on Democrats" with the "election just months away." AP then ties McCain to Bush, saying McCain's proposal "echoes" that of Bush.

AP then reports Obama's opposition to new drilling: "This is not something that's going to give consumers short-term relief and it is not a long-term solution to our problems with fossil fuels generally and oil in particular," said Obama." But AP doesn't report that the facts and simple logic disagree with him. AP makes sure to repeat the opinion that new drilling won't help in the immediate future, but everyone agrees it will help at least a little later on.

AP also fails to report that China has started drilling off the Florida coast, but that's not surprising as they've already denied that.

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