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AP Won't Admit Success in Iraq

Deaths in Iraq plunge, but will it last?

(AP)-"U.S. military deaths plunged in May to the lowest monthly level in more than four years and civilian casualties were down sharply, too, as Iraqi forces assumed the lead in offensives in three cities and a truce with Shiite extremists took hold.

But many Iraqis as well as U.S. officials and private security analysts are uncertain whether the current lull signals a long-term trend or is simply a breathing spell like so many others before... Iraqis have experienced lulls in the past — notably after the January 2005 elections — only to see violence flare again... At least 21 American troopers were killed in May — four in non-hostile incidents. That's one more than the lowest monthly figure of the war set in February 2004."

May had the least deaths during the war for the coalition. Also, contrary to what AP reports, only 19 U.S. soldiers died, making it the least deaths for USA.

And this isn't some "lull" like "we've seen in the past." Deaths have been decreasing since a year ago, from about 100 each month to about 30 a month. But at least AP is reporting that deaths are down. Most won't even admit that.

What even AP won't report is that Afghanistan is "on the brink of defeat," according to Britian's commander. AP's latest report on Afghanistan simply stated "Violence in Afghanistan has spiked in the last two years, with militants setting off an increasing number of car and suicide bombs"."

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