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Reuters Omits Olympic's Doping Prevention Failures

Doping controls most extensive ever - Bach

(Reuters)- "Anti-doping controls at the Beijing Games will be the most extensive ever implemented, said International Olympic Committee (IOC) vice president Thomas Bach."

A rosy picture, but hours later came this report, which Reuters and AP failed to notice.

Study shows problems with Olympic-style tests

(IHT)- "Athletes who want to cheat by injecting themselves with a performance-enhancing drug that boosts their blood cell count can do so with little risk of getting caught, a new study indicates, possibly exposing another flaw in what is regarded as the world's toughest anti-doping program.

A urine test that is supposed to detect the drug, and that will be used in the Tour de France next month and in the Olympics in August, is likely to miss it, the study says. "

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