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AP Execution Photographer Detained

Recently an Associated Press photographer shot video of two helpless women being slaughtered by terrorists. He was arrested and held for two days by authorities.

Photographer Detained After Filming Taliban Execution of Two Women in Afghanistan

(Fox News)- "Naikzad said he has no ties with the Taliban, and he gave the following account of why and how he became witness to the executions.

He said the Taliban issued a press statement calling all media outlets in the province of Ghazni, which has a large Taliban presence, to cover them “carrying out the Shariah” on a few burglars in their custody. Naikzad said he believed the Taliban would be cutting off the limbs of their prisoners, according to strict Islamic law.

He said he and other journalists were reluctant to go because of security concerns, but that an unknown person who identified himself as a member of the Taliban contacted him directly on his cell phone and assured him of his safety...

He said he checked with the Kabul office of the Associated Press, for which he works as a stringer, and then set off around sunset on his motorbike to a village on the outskirts of Ghazni City, only to find that no other journalist was there.

That, he said, was when he learned it was two women — and not burglars — whom the Taliban had arrested, and that they had been charged with running a prostitution ring for coalition soldiers and local men.

Naikzad interviewed and filmed the Taliban, who said on tape that the two women “took the pure girls and women” and “indulged them in immoral acts.”...
Naikzad said he tried to persuade the Taliban not to carry out the executions. “I told one of the Taliban, ‘These are women, they are harmless. Why would you want to kill them?’ But they didn’t listen to me.” When his pleas went unheeded, he said, he asked the Taliban if he could film the execution."

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