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Wash Po. Misportrays McCain 'Nation of Whiners' Comment

McCain Economic Adviser Calls US 'A Nation of Whiners'

(Wash. Post)- "Former senator Phil Gramm, a top policy adviser of Sen. John McCain's, said the nation is in a "mental recession," not an actual one, and suggested the United States has "become a nation of whiners."

The interview, published in in the Washington Times, could compound the problems of the presumptive Republican nominee..."

Gramm's comments were about the MEDIA not the American people. Here's the context of his comment:

(Wash. Times)- "Mr. Gramm said the constant drubbing of the media on the economy's problems is one reason people have lost confidence. Various surveys show that consumer confidence has fallen precipitously this year to the lowest levels in two to three decades, with most analysts attributing that to record high gasoline prices over $4 a gallon and big drops in the value of homes, which are consumers' biggest assets.

"Misery sells newspapers," Mr. Gramm said. "Thank God the economy is not as bad as you read in the newspaper every day."

And as I've shown, AP and other liberal media often portray our economy in a deceptively pessemistic way.

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