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Wikipedia Prevents Mention of John Edwards Sex Scandal

Looks like the snake-oil lawyer that ran hospitals into the ground, John Edwards, might be preventing Wikipedia from mentioning his alleged sex scandal.

Wikipedia- "As many are aware, Edwards has been accused of scandalous actions by a supermarket tabloid. As per Wikipedia's policy regarding biographies of living persons, including information about the tabloids claims is inappropriate at this time because the tabloid does not qualify as a reliable source and current reports in more reputable news sources do not confirm the claims, only reporting the fact the tabloid has published claims about Edward's actions. The same policy that prevents inclusion of the accusations within the article also prevent details from being included on this talk page.
If the mainstream media picks up the story and verifies the claims of the story, not just reporting that the tabloid has made certain claims, then inclusion of this accusations will be appropriate."

First of all, it was confirmed by Fox News. Well, Fox News is "bias in hand" says Wikipedia's editor.

UPDATE: LA Times forbids their bloggers from mentioning Edwards' sex scandal

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