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China's Torture Camps: Media Silence

This is unbelievable. Why is only Daily Mail Reporting this? Where's bought NBC?

Rounded up into torture camps: the 'undesirables' China doesn't want you to see

(Daily "These camps are being used to imprison - without trial or legal representation - people that the regime wants the world to believe do not exist amid the miracle of modern China.

From street children, hawkers, the homeless and prostitutes, to the mentally ill, black migrants, drug dealers and gays caught in public bathhouses, the camps on the outskirts of the city started filling up with Beijing's 'undesirables' last year as part of the Chinese regime's determination to present what it sees as an acceptable face to the world. It is all eerily reminiscent of the build-up to the 1936 Games in Berlin, when the government cleared similar 'undesirables' from the streets.

Under Hitler's regime many of the Nazi concentration camps bore the slogan Arbeit macht frei (Work makes you free) at their gates. in China, the camps bear the slogan 'Re-education Through Labour'... The camps themselves are festooned with banners in Mandarin Chinese stating that 'you must be punished according to the laws of the Olympics'...

Working up to 16 hours a day and held in cramped, unsanitary cells with only one toilet bucket for dozens of inmates... They are then put to work in vast hangar-like sheds, where they are forced to make chopsticks and soft toys - the very goods that are being peddled on the streets of Beijing to tourists visiting the Olympics. Inmates are forced to work through the night... less than an hour's drive from the Bird's Nest stadium - the ' undesirables' are forced to clean beans and other Chinese foods - which are then sold by the communist authorities to private businesses serving the influx of foreigners.

...women who do not work hard enough are stripped naked for days on end - something regarded as particularly shaming in Chinese society. Another favoured method of punishment is called the Tiger Bench - where 'undesirables' are forced to sit upright on a long bench with their hands tied behind their backs. Their thighs are also tied to the bench - and bricks placed under the feet to raise them off the floor. Human rights groups say some victims are forced to remain in this position for days on end, causing excruciating pain."

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