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Fixed Olympics, AP Photos

There's reports that Olympic officials unfairly distracted American gymnastics competitors. Not from the AP of course. Anyone who watched knows that scoring was unfair pro-China. But take a look at AP's photos of the event. They show something else. China's team looks like their six years old. They're the only ones with make-up on, but that's still not enough to cover it up. One even had a baby tooth missing. They should be at least 16 to compete.

Take a look at the girl on the left:
image: AP
Frickin ridiculous. AP didn't report on the controversy, but at least they published photos, so it wasn't completely covered up.
image: IHT
Naturally, the IOC is silent.

UPDATE- AP is reporting that China's propoganda machine has admitted one of the girls is underage. IOC still silent.

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