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Media Coverup Beijing's Smog, Smashing Protests

Beijing 2008: No China crisis as Olympics reaches starting line "I hate to disappoint all the purveyors of doom and gloom - actually that's not true I never totally believed them in the first place - but the weather in Beijing over the weekend was prefect if a little hot for some tastes, the welcome effusive and almost embarrassingly "red carpet" and the magnificent stadia are all glistening and in perfect working order. Not a harassed carpenter or electrician in sight."

That sums it up nicely. The elite western media are receving "red carpet" treatment from the kiss-butt Chinese government. So of course they won't notice the oppressed Chinese, because China hid them behind walls. That's right China constructed walls in Beijing to keep those booted out of their homes onto the street away from tourists. China admitted today that they arrested Chinese protesters near Tianenman Square who had been thrown on the street from their homes. Don't expect our bought media to notice them though.

As for the beautiful weather, actually the dangerous smog is getting worse. You can barely see ten feet ahead of you in Beijing. Oh, and there's that typhoon on its way.
There are hundreds of phony reports from main-stream media reporting sun-shiny welcomes from China. Here's the Mercury News today reporting a happy welcome from residents at Tianenman Square. Guess that reporter was too busy getting his nails done and counting his paycheck from his bought leaders to notice the evicted working class getting beaten by police.

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