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American's Murder in Beijing Conspiracy Plot

The media tells us that Todd Bachman's murder was "random" and an "isolated incident." Anything to the contrary is a conspiracy theory.

Out of Beijing comes this story:
Reports on U.S. Tourist’s Murder False, Claims Source

Epoch Times- "A source in Beijing says that the murder in Beijing of American Todd Bachman and the wounding of his wife Barbara and their Chinese tour guide were committed by someone other than the individual identified in China’s state-run press...

Immediately after the murder a witness came out of one of the stores nearby where she works, shaken at what she had seen. According to this store clerk, the murderer was a very tall Chinese man between 30 and 40 years old in a business suit. The killer was said to be very agile and quick and used a double-bladed military knife to commit the murder.

The clerk says that there were security guards within 20 feet of the murder who did nothing to stop or apprehend the killer. While she and other witnesses were too shocked to react, the killer quickly ran away. The source pointed out “There was a tight security check there with many public security officers. No one could pass the security check with a weapon.”

The subsequent press coverage in the state-run media has been strange. After the murder, the Chinese regime mouthpiece Xinhua published an article about the life of Tang, explaining why he committed the murder. However, that article has been deleted from the Web site, and no follow-up report on the murder has been published."

Also, consider that China confiscated all the notes and photos from journalists reporting on this, and gagged Chinese media from reporting it.

The murdered "tourist" was the father-in-law of the US volleyball coach, father of an Olympian, and CEO of a large US company. His death has also hurt the US Olympic team's morale, and since no religious representatives are allowed in the Olympic village by the corrupt IOC to help, it certainly is just another brick in China's false wall of gold metals.

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