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AP Omits Chavez' Racist Anti-American Tirade

In neither this nor this report from the Associated Press could I find Hugo Chavez' rant: "Shithead Yankees, go to hell!" as he expelled USA's ambassador.

In spanish he said, "los Yanquis de mierda se van para el carajo!" Now, 'Yanquis' is a disparaging and racist term according to every dictionary I can find. Chavez also chose September 11 as a good time to tell Americans to "fuck themselves." No American media, much less AP, will report this.

The New York Times notes, Chavez' frequent racist term ‘Pitiyanqui’ actually translates as "little Yankee" and refers to an oligarch or sell-out American. It's now popular in Venezuela and has led to much racist violence. So he's not only violently racist against Americans but anyone who resembles or likes Americans. But why should Americans know about Venezuela's virulent racist hatred for Americans? Less oil would be sold then.

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