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Saturday Night Live: Palin Rapes His Daughter

NBC is out of control.

After kissing communist butt at the Olympics, General Electric is now trying to get Obama elected. Taking a cue from CNN which made big $$ after getting Clinton elected, NBC is looking to reestablish themselves after dismal ratings.

They recruited the likes of angry radical liberal Al Franken to write a Saturday Night Live that was just angry and pathetic, one McCain knock after another. It started with mock McCain ads that suggested McCain thinks Obama wants healthcare for Osama bin Laden. But the real killer was a skit in which a mock reporter asks about Mr. Palin "doing" his daughters. Not only does this speak of NBC's despicable pro-Obama propaganda. It also speaks of radical liberals' sick infatuation with Palin's underage daughters.

I miss the days of the Bush/Gore debates.

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